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Tuesday, November 24

Trouble about “peace summit” with Boxer Charr: The protocol of the Berlin clan war

All just a PR number ?: Trouble about “Peace Summit” with Boxer Charr: The protocol of the Berlin clan war

Last week a German-Arab clan and Chechen criminals fought street fights in Berlin. Then the professional boxer Manuel Charr supposedly appeared as an arbitrator. But now there is trouble again. A log of the incidents.

Three attacks within 24 hours on the street in Berlin: eleven people were injured by knife wounds, blows and kicks, several suspects were arrested by the police. The German-Arab Remmo clan and criminal Chechens were apparently involved. Since then, the incidents have rolled over. FOCUS Online logged the latest events in the clan war.

Three bloody attacks in 24 hours

Saturday, November 7th, 7pm: The first incident occurred on Saturday evening in a late night shop in Neukölln. 30 hooded men attacked each other with tables, beer benches, knives and batons and shisha pipes. In a video recorded by witnesses, two possibly unconscious men can be seen lying on the floor in front of the kiosk. A man runs towards one of the men lying on the ground with a hammer.

Saturday, November 7th, 10 p.m .: Was this followed by the act of revenge? The second incident took place only a short time later: five men were talking near the Gesundbrunnen Center. You were sitting in a Porsche. Then they were attacked by at least ten men with stabbing weapons and striking tools. The victims suffered lacerations and one victim was stabbed in the back.

Sunday, November 8th: On Sunday there was another attack in the Gesundbrunnen district. Two men, aged 31 and 43, were attacked by up to 20 other men.

Another witness video reveals violent violence in some cases: the victim holds his hands in front of his head, the screaming men beat him and continue to kick him. According to the police, the 31-year-old suffered head injuries, the 43-year-old victim a stab wound in the back and other bruises and cuts. The attackers fled.

“Peace Summit” with ex-boxer Charr

Wednesday November 11th: Ex-Berlin boxing world champion Manuel Charr appeared at a “peace summit” between members of the Berlin clan and Chechens – and says he can arbitrate. The professional boxer published a photo on Wednesday morning on his Instagram channel that documents the peace negotiations. Charr commented on the picture with the words: “If I can create 1% peace, then I am on the road as an ambassador for peace”.

Read more about Charr’s attempt at arbitration here: Manuel Charr – Boxing world champion mediates in the Berlin clan war: How the “peace” meeting came about

Videos on Instagram also documented the way home: The Chechens drove in luxury cars along Budapester Strasse, past the Memorial Church. The “BZ“quotes a voice, out of context, heard in the video:” I don’t know what you’re going to do. I just know that what they did is a big problem. “

Saturday, November 14th: At the weekend, more videos of the “Peace Summit” caused a sensation. “We are family, we are Muslims, we are siblings,” said the boxer Charr to the Chechens. This was reported on Saturday by the “image“.

One who sees himself as the “representative of the head of the Chechen Republic in Germany” is said to have made a statement. He spoke loudly “image“From an” unpleasant situation “from which both sides” suffered. “In order to avoid further escalation,” the conflict parties have spoken out in favor of a peaceful solution to the situation, “he said. Ultimately, a decision with” acceptable Conditions “was the result of the crisis talks for all sides.

New trouble between the clans: Negotiations continue

Apparently the peace doesn’t last long: Loud “image“Negotiations between members of the Remmo family and a Chechen group are already underway five days after the” peace summit “. The peace negotiations were just a PR number Negotiations with Arbiter Manuel Charr participated feel represented.

Chechens came from Hamburg for the “peace summit”. But these are probably not respected by the Berlin Chechens and see themselves as competition. Therefore, new negotiations are now apparently in progress.

Why is the situation so difficult for the investigators?

It is not uncommon for clans to try to resolve their disputes without the police. Mediators, justice of the peace and clan leaders have established a kind of parallel justice for years. Did the boxer Charr deliberately keep the police at a distance with his intervention? “It was never in Mr. Charrs interest to exercise vigilante justice,” said Charrs advisor Marco Schmidt in an interview with FOCUS Online. He finally made contact with the police through ex-kickboxer Michael Kuhr.

But the Berlin police do not seem to know anything about this: The press office emphasized in a written statement that “the Berlin police have not made or made any agreements with Mr Charr. In addition, it is not known whether Mr Charr actually made any claims about him Function occurs or has occurred between the conflicting parties. “

The professional boxer and his management stick with it: Charr acted as a “peacemaker” and prevented potential further excesses of violence with his intervention.

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