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Trial of a GTI police officer | A witness saw Bony Jean-Pierre jump out of the window

A man who was in the company of Bony Jean-Pierre saw the latter rush to a window and jump through it, while the police entered the building where they were located, on rue Arthur-Chevrier, on March 31 2016.

Daniel Renaud
Daniel Renaud

On day six of the trial of the police officer from the SPVM Tactical Intervention Group (GTI), Christian Gilbert, accused of the manslaughter of Bony Jean-Pierre, Berthony Tessono testified and told what he saw before his companion be fatally shot in the head by a polymer projectile during an anti-drug strike gone awry.

Tessono said he met Bony Jean-Pierre by chance, near the building where the tragedy took place, at the end of the afternoon, March 31, 2016. Even if he said he had known Mr. Jean-Pierre for a long time , he claimed he did not know his name and always called him by his nickname, Bonano.

It started to rain and the friends decided to go to apartment number 3 at 6330 Arthur-Chevrier rented by a certain Ralph. At least a dozen people were gathered around a poker table, the two men greeted them and locked themselves in the front room, to discuss more quietly.

Tessono then said he heard a loud noise then a detonation and a second. He saw what he described as a “flash” through the slits in the bedroom door.

“I looked at Bonano, he looked at me. He jumped. His eyes have grown large as well. He turned around, ran to the window, opened it, climbed with his leg and hands, he held the frames, he crouched like a little guy for a few seconds, he looked to the right and left and he jumped, ”said the witness.


It was in this room that Bony Jean-Pierre was before he rushed to the window and threw himself at the bottom of it.

– “During this sequence, did you hear anything”? the Prosecutor, Mr.e Jean-Sébastien Bussières.

– “No”, replied Tessono.

– “No word has been spoken”?

– “No more”, continued the witness.

Cross-examined by counsel for Christian Gilbert, Me Louis Belleau, Tessono said that he did not hear anyone shout the word police and did not see the rotating beacons of patrol cars.

Recall that since the start of the trial, the evidence tends to show that the accused fired a first warning shot which reached the frame of the window, before firing a second projectile which hit the 46-year-old man at the head.


Christian Gilbert

Full-bodied cross-examination

Monday morning, Me Belleau also continued his close cross-examination of Prosecution expert witness Manuel Tousignant, forensic ballistics specialist at the Laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine.

The lawyer admitted to the latter that the hip – which the accused allegedly aimed at – is included in “a green zone” of the places of the human body where the wounds suffered by an AR-1 projectile fired. by an Arwen 37 should not be lethal.

“Receiving a projectile in the hip is less lethal than receiving it in the head,” the witness said.

It was also known that the simulation on a synthetic skull, the video of which was published in Press Saturday, and another 12 meters away, were carried out under a contract with the Laval police, but not at the request of the latter and for the upcoming trial of Christian Gilbert.

“Indeed, the timing was right for that. It was to demonstrate the lesional effect, ”explained Tousignant.

Questioned by Me Belleau on the reason why he places the head of Mr. Jean-Pierre in the middle of the window at the time of the shooting in his report, the expert answered that it was an approximation.

Finally, Mr. Tousignant was unable to say which intermediate weapon model was used for the simulations made for the Laval police, and whether the cartridges were new or recycled.

The trial continues on Tuesday.

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