Thursday, October 28

Family Minister Giffey renounces her doctorate

Federal Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) renounces the use of her doctorate. The deputy chairwoman of the Berlin regional association, Iris Spranger, announced on Friday on request. The Free University of Berlin had announced that it wanted to reopen the plagiarism procedure for Giffey’s doctoral thesis.

Previously the “Berliner Morgenpost“reports.” In order to avert further damage to my family, my political work and my party, I declare that on February 16, 2010, the Free University of Berlin awarded me the title of “magna cum laude”. rer.pol from now on and also in the future no longer to run “, the newspaper quoted from the letter.

University wanted to reopen the affair

The Free University of Berlin (FU) previously wanted to lift the complaint against Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) and make a new decision on the plagiarism allegations. This result was reached after taking note of an expert opinion on behalf of the FU and further scientific statements, as the university announced on Friday. An expert opinion commissioned by the CDU had also come to the conclusion that the complaint should not have been legal.

In February 2019, Giffey himself asked the FU to initiate a formal examination procedure for its dissertation “Europe’s path to citizenship – the European Commission’s policy on the participation of civil society”. In the autumn of 2019, Freie Universität decided against withdrawing the doctorate, but issued a reprimand to Giffey. Now the executive committee of the FU had come to the conclusion that a complaint “is only permissible in a less serious case”. However, this was not presented in the final report of the examination committee for Giffey’s dissertation.

Giffey remains with the candidacy for Berlin SPD state chairmanship

A week ago Giffey had been stressedly calm: “I look forward to the matter calmly,” said the SPD politician of the “Welt am Sonntag”. Despite the anger about her doctorate, Giffey wants to continue running for the Berlin SPD chairmanship. “I am running for the state chairmanship of the Berlin SPD at the digital party congress on November 27th and I am looking forward to leading a committed election campaign together with the Berlin social democrats next year,” said Giffey on Friday.

Together with the Berlin SPD parliamentary group leader Raed Saleh, she is to be elected to the new dual leadership of the capital’s regional association at the end of November. She is also expected to be elected as the top candidate for the House of Representatives election in the fall of 2021 in December.

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