Friday, December 3

The Community of Madrid does not plan to close on the December bridge

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has assured that it is not planned for now to close the Community of Madrid in the bridge from December 6, as has been done in Todos los Santos or Almudena. For this, the objective of the region is to continue lowering the contagion curve of Covid-19 and has made a call to “not trust” because “there is still a lot” and the evolution of the coronavirus data must be analyzed.

“We are going moderately well towards Christmas, then this is a reason to be calm and we are going in the right direction. However, we must not trust at all,” said the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who highlighted that the data of coronavirus are “relatively good” in the Community.

In his opinion, the regional government measures (which include mobility restrictions through basic health areas) “work”, although he pointed out that “we should not trust at all”, since for Christmas “there is still a lot” Y data must be analyzed every seven and fifteen days.

She has insisted that she is still not satisfied, since the Community of Madrid must continue working to lower the curve, and has recalled her request that antigen tests can be done in pharmacies, dental clinics and also by podiatrists.

The Community of Madrid closed during the All Saints and Almudena bridge to try to contain the expansion of the coronavirus by prohibiting the entry and exit of people except for justified reasons, although it does not plan to do so on the December bridge.

“It is not planned to close Madrid on the Constitution bridge, it takes a long time to get to that bridge. The objective has to be to continue down the curve and do everything in our power to lower it to the maximum and enter December with the best guarantees and with the fewest possible restrictions, “commented the Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado.

Like Ayuso, he hopes to arrive at Christmas “in good condition” although for this he has reminded citizens of the need to comply with the rules.

For his part, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, stressed that “any message” about the pandemic “that may induce a certain relaxation or a certain confidence” on the part of the public is, right now, “a mistake”.

“No one can relax here,” stressed Almeida, who has asked citizens “to limit travel as much as possible.”

The cumulative incidence of the Community of Madrid stands at 332.23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days compared to the national average of 514.25, according to the Ministry of Health in its daily report.

However, the Community of Madrid has reported nearly double the number of new coronavirus infections, going from 1,217 on Tuesday to 2,271 this Wednesday, of which 1,072 correspond to the last 24 hours, while the number of deaths in hospitals in a day has dropped from 29 to 28.

Spain is going to demand from November 23 to travelers from risk countries a negative PCR performed 72 hours before to be able to enter, a measure that Ayuso has celebrated, which ensures that his government had been fighting him for “more than six months.”

“Now the Community of Madrid and the rest of Spain will be safer,” he said.

The national government has also announced the reduction of VAT on masks from the general type 21% to the super-reduced 4%, as well as its maximum sale price, a measure that has been welcomed by both the Community of Madrid and the City Council, although they believe it is late.

On the other hand, the Madrid City Council has announced that from this Thursday it will temporarily authorize the installation of mobile separating elements on Madrid terraces against the cold and rain in order to extend the terrace season during winter ” in a safe way”.

The Community of Madrid has recalled that it already offers, through the Impulsa and Madrid Reinforces programs, help to install CO2 meters in bars and restaurants of the region in order to ensure adequate ventilation of these establishments and avoid the transmission of Covid-19 through aerosols.

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