Tuesday, May 18

Pizza Hut will use plant-based meat in its pizzas | The NY Journal

The company already has these pizzas available throughout the country.

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Pizza Hut’s parent company YUM disclosed that it has partnered with Beyond Meat, to become in the first national pizza chain to offer these plant-based meat dishes in the United States.

These new pizzas are now available at all Pizza Hut locations in the United States and at select London locations.

As part of the partnership, the fast food chain will offer two new pizza options with a plant-based Italian sausage substitute, which will be called Beyond Italian Sausage and Great Beyond, as reported in CNN.

“Our partnership with Pizza Hut is a premier category and together we will continue to raise the bar on game-changing product innovations (business) as we introduce the delicious taste of Beyond Meat products to pizza fans across the country.” said Ethan Brown, CEO and founder of Beyond Meat.

Between the company Beyond Meat and Pizza Hut they created the new plant-based meat using a mixture of garlic, paprika and fennel seeds to mimic the flavor of the sausage.

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