Monday, May 10

Disgusted and horrified: Woman is not allowed to stay in Airbnb apartment because of the color of her skin

As the “Daily Mail“reports that 19-year-old Sadia Mohamed is said to have been discriminated against by an Airbnb hostess because of her dark skin. The young woman was refused the night in the apartment she had already booked on a flimsy reason.

No sympathy for allegations

Actually, the Australian only wanted to celebrate her birthday with her sister in Melbourne. After 111 days in lockdown, that would have been a welcome change. But after paying the rental fee, the shock came: “Thank you very much. If you are black, please forgive us for not seeing you”, the hostess said in an email.

The 19-year-old immediately requested a refund of the fee. However, she would have to negotiate with Airbnb herself, the hostess told her boldly. Then Mohamed’s collar popped – but her counterpart did not want to hear about racism. “I don’t discriminate against anyone,” said the Airbnb host.

Company takes action against hostess

Apparently, such incidents should have happened several times. “I was really shocked,” said Mohamed. She was “disgusted and appalled” by this open racism.

Airbnb has since launched an investigation into the incident. The hostess has already been blocked and is no longer allowed to rent out her apartment on the website. “Discrimination is unacceptable and has no place in our community,” said a company statement.

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