Wednesday, April 14

In Austria, the closure of radical mosques

The Austrian authorities decide to close several mosques, after the terrorist attack which struck the center of Vienna on Monday.

Two places of worship are targeted, judged as crucibles of radicalization that the assailant frequented since his release from prison, and which would have strengthened his convictions, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Another measure announced: the suspension of the head of the fight against terrorism in the Austrian capital, after the revelation of a series of failures.

Flaws have been detected regarding the follow-up of the young man, a sympathizer of the Islamic State (IS) group, originally from North Macedonia, already known to the police and the judiciary, convicted of trying to join the terrorist ranks in Syria . The investigation revealed that he had been in contact with individuals placed under anti-terrorism surveillance, without any action having been taken.

The government had already admitted having failed to identify the dangerousness of the assailant, despite an alert.

In July, Slovak intelligence informed Vienna of its attempt to procure ammunition.

Kujtim Fejzulai opened fire on Monday evening in the city center just before the confinement was put in place, killing 4 people and leaving around 15 injured, before being shot by police.

The police proceeded to the arrest of 16 men, of whom a dozen are still heard by the police, under the regime of police custody. They are suspected of having provided logistical support to the perpetrator of the attacks, in the hours or days preceding his act.

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