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Assassination of Samuel Paty: three new suspects presented to justice

Two young men and a young woman are to be presented to justice on Friday November 6 for indictment in the investigation into the assassination of Samuel Paty, the professor assassinated for showing caricatures of Muhammad, according to sources close to the case and judicial.

The two men, aged 18, and the woman, aged 17, were arrested and taken into custody on Tuesday morning at the request of the investigating judges, who are considering indicting them for “Criminal terrorist association”, according to these sources, specifying an information of Parisian. At least one of them is suspected of having exchanged messages with the terrorist. One of the suspects was arrested in Haute-Saône and another in Haute-Marne, according to a source close to the file.

Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old teacher, was beheaded at the end of his college in Conflans by Abdullakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old refugee of Chechen Russian origin, for showing caricatures of Muhammad during two courses in early October on freedom expression. Anzorov, radicalized for several months according to his family, but unknown to the intelligence services, was shot dead by the police officers he was attacking after his crime.

Seven people have already been indicted in this investigation, on October 21, including six for “Complicity in terrorist assassination”. Among them, two middle school students aged 14 and 15, accused of having appointed the teacher to the attacker for remuneration. They were left free under judicial supervision. Brahim Chnina, the parent of students behind a smear campaign against Samuel Paty, and the Islamist activist who supported him, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, are also being prosecuted for “Complicity”.

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“Reinterpretation of the facts”

Placed in pre-trial detention, they are accused of having “Specifically designated as a target on social networks the professor of history and geography” thanks to “A maneuver and a reinterpretation of the facts”, according to the anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard.

The young terrorist had contacted Mr. Chnina, who claims to have had no idea of ​​his project, following the videos published by this father who accused the professor of “Discrimination” towards Muslim college students, including his daughter.

Two friends of the assailant, Naïm B. and Azim E., were also remanded in custody, suspected of complicity in having accompanied Anzorov to buy a knife, then for the second to have conveyed him from his town of Evreux to France’s Island. A third relation of the terrorist, Yussuf C., is being sued for “Criminal terrorist association” and also incarcerated.

The investigation also explores the trail of links between the killer and at least one Russian-speaking jihadist in Syria. Anzorov sent a hesitant Russian audio message on October 16 on social media after posting the photo of the beheaded history professor.

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“400 violations” of the minute of silence during the tribute to Samuel Paty

In addition, national education has identified “400 violations” during the minute of silence organized on Monday in tribute to the murdered professor Samuel Paty, announced Friday the minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer, affirming that each incident was the subject of “Prosecution”.

“There were around 400 violations of the minute of silence, sometimes light, sometimes heavy”, he explained on RTL. “Of course, each of these violations is followed by disciplinary action. Sometimes there have even been criminal proceedings in certain cases. “ These most serious cases, where criminal proceedings are initiated, amount to “About ten”, detailed the Minister, and may fall under “The apology of terrorism”.

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“No incident goes unanswered”, he assured, without favoring the exclusion of students. “Exclusion is never a great success in itself; what is rather interesting is to speak with the families, to understand what is going on, and to go further with the social administrations, and the police and the justice system when necessary ”, said Blanquer.

“In the Paty case”, where the teacher was targeted by a parent of students on social networks, “We can see that it is the family environment that was terrible”, he recalled. “So we have to learn the lessons and be very careful about where our students are in terms of the bad influences on them. ” The Minister also reiterated that the teaching of moral and civic education must soon be strengthened, “So that the issues of freedom of expression are clearly explained. “

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