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Amazon plans to make its own deliveries in rural areas instead of relying on the Postal Service | The NY Journal

Amazon seeks to reach remote areas and stop using the Postal Service to make their own deliveries.

According to the site The Information, now the e-commerce giant would be looking to make its own deliveries in rural and remote areas. The company would have shipping centers in rural areas and establish a plan called a “wagon wheel” that would support smaller shipping centers.

The company has not confirmed or announced the start of the delivery program, however during the third quarter earnings report made known by the site The Motley Fool, informed that they will continue to invest money in delivery and shipping services.

Until now the Postal Service (USPS) has been an important element in the delivery of approximately 1,540 million packages what did it represent 30 percent of your shipments during 2019 As reported The Washington Post. Amazon paid the USPS about $ 4 billion for deliveries.

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According to the company, logistics costs have increased in recent years and with the approach of the holiday season Amazon would seek to offer a more effective delivery service for its consumers.

This year, Black Friday is expected to last longer than normal due to the closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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A large number of online stores and sites will offer discounts, it is expected that Amazon be one of the platforms that will offer the most discounts to consumers.

If you want to make the most of all the offers that the internet shopping giant will bring, you might be interested in some tips that will help you to view this year’s offers.

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