Thursday, June 17

A New Day publishes a photo of Adamari López as a child and the public is shocked by the resemblance to her daughter, Alaïa | The NY Journal

The morning show of Telemundo, A new day, broke the internet by posting on the account Instagram from the show a photograph of “Shorty”, Adamari Lopez, from when she was just a child. In a few minutes, the image went viral and the comments of the followers of the Puerto Rican have not stopped. The photograph has been shared hundreds of times.

In the image that caused all the rage, Adamari She appears with a white dress, braids in her hair, bows, sandals, with crossed legs and her huge smile, which has made many around Latin America fall in love. In a matter of minutes, the photo had reached thousands of “Likes” and, although Adamari She looks tender and beautiful, what struck the most was her great resemblance to her daughter, Alaïa Costa. Even some fans even believed it was about her.

“It’s Alaiaaa! Do not stain! “,” Alaia # 2 “,” Oh God if she is just like her daughter “,” How big is Alaïa “and” God keep her “,” She is Adamari when she is little “and” Two drops of water the mother and the daughter”, these among many more comments left by followers in the comments section of the Instagram of the show, which showed the immense affection they feel for both.

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