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These states that could elect the next president of the United States

Even though President Donald Trump claimed victory in the election overnight, the vote count is still not completed in some states which are expected to determine the outcome of the White House race.


In this state coveted until the very end of the campaign by Donald Trump and Joe Biden, nothing was done. And for good reason. To find out who will get Pennsylvania’s 20 grand voters, we’ll have to wait for the count, which resumes at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, to be completed. However, that could wait until Friday, state authorities said.

During election night, Donald Trump certainly obtained a lead of around 700,000 votes over his opponent, but no less than 2.4 million votes by mail (usually favorable to Democrats) are still to be counted. Not to mention that ballots sent by mail can still be received until Friday, as long as they are sent by election day at the latest.

It should be noted that in Pennsylvania, the counting can only begin on the day of the vote, including for the postal ballots. The final results will therefore be known probably at the end of the week. But Donald Trump has already evoked in the night of Wednesday a challenge of the results, by criticizing without detour the “fraud” of the vote by mail. In 2016, the outgoing president had the best with just 44,000 votes ahead of Hillary Clinton.


With its 16 major voters, this northern state of the United States voted for Donald Trump in 2016, after leaning for Barack Obama in the previous two presidential elections. But the Republican victory had been slim four years ago, with an advantage of just 10,704 votes.

If the polls predicted a Democratic victory this year, the incumbent president was ahead by around seven percentage points as of this writing. However, more than 3.26 million advance and mailed votes were cast this year, up sharply from the previous election. And this vote, which had not yet been completely counted on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, is generally much more favorable to the Democrats. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson warned late Tuesday that all votes will be counted only by Wednesday night.


The neighboring state of Florida, with his 16 major voters, suggested a relatively close result between Democrats and Republicans, even if Donald Trump still maintained a lead of around 100,000 votes early Wednesday morning.

Admittedly, these figures take into account the majority of votes cast by voters in the state, since ballots sent by mail and advance votes were largely counted. But a broken pipe in a ballot tally room has postponed the mail-counting of the Atlanta area, a city generally more Democratic-friendly, to at least Wednesday.

Joe Biden, who said on Wednesday night that he was still “in the race” to win this state, hopes to obtain a first Democratic victory since 1992. In 2016, Donald Trump had won with 51.3% of the vote , against 45.6% for Hillary Clinton.


In 2016, Wisconsin’s top 10 voters were won over to Republicans by just 22,748 votes. Donald Trump then obtained 47.2% of the vote, against 46.5% for Hillary Clinton. This time Mr. Trump and his opponent Joe Biden exchanged the leading position overnight and early in the morning. As of this writing, the Democratic candidate was showing a slight lead of around 10,000 votes over his opponent.

Proof of the importance of this state for the outgoing president, Wisconsin was part of the end-of-campaign blitz for Donald Trump, who hoped to lie the polls which gave Joe Biden an 8.4 point lead the day before of Tuesday’s election.

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