Wednesday, March 3

head to head

Trump opponents see their hopes for Joe Biden’s landslide victory in the fight for the White House disappointed. But everything is still open.

Nervous tension instead of celebratory mood among the supporters of the Democrats in Washington: Several hundred supporters of US presidential candidate Joe Biden were gathered near the White House on Tuesday evening (local time) to cheer for the counting of the votes in the US. The initial euphoria associated with the hope of a landslide victory for the challenger to US President Donald Trump quickly evaporated.

Because the numbers quickly showed a head-to-head race between the two candidates in many states or even an advantage for Trump in key states. Some disappointing results for the Democrats flickered across the huge screens. Nevertheless, the supporters were brave – even if one of the key states, Florida, later went to Trump.

“We wanted to support Joe Biden and (his runner-up) Kamala Harris with the hope of having a party,” said Tammi Girgenti, 51, a retired government official. “I’m a little disappointed with Florida, this is my home state.” Laughing, she added, “I’m fine, a little nervous and worried, but I think by the end of tonight, or tomorrow, or the day after, Biden (one Victory). ”

The 22-year-old Jake also said that he assumed that Biden could still turn things around. He met with a few friends to follow the outcome of the election: “We are not in the best of spirits, but I know that the postal votes always come a little later and therefore I was prepared for an early Trump leadership.”

As of the afternoon, many people had gathered in two places in central Washington: On the “Black Lives Matter Plaza” near the White House, the symbol of the summer protests against Trump as a result of the racist incidents in the USA. Others were gathered in McPherson Square nearby.

The usual place for such events, Lafayette Square, had been cordoned off by the police. Dozens of police officers stood there on Tuesday evening, and most of the buildings in the neighborhood were barricaded for fear of violent clashes. Initially, there were no tensions between the security forces and Trump opponents. Trump fans were hardly to be seen, only once there was a brief scramble.

Some had traveled from afar to witness the historic election in Washington. Friends Susan Ryan and Lauren Sanders, both authors from New York, were hoping for a victory party. Sanders assured: “We will not leave the street until we know that Donald Trump has accepted a peaceful exit.” (Afp)

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