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2020 US election: Ivanka Trump addresses the voters with an urgent request

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While the US election is taking place and a close race is looming between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Ivanka Trump appeals to his own followers.

  • US election 2020: Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump, fights for the re-election of her father.
  • Donald Trump stop Ivanka Trump: She is considered an ambivalent figure with an influence on the US presidents.
  • News about the 2020 US election: All information about the elections in the United States.

Update from Tuesday 04.11.2020, 02.09 a.m .: Even before all the polling stations at the US election closing their doors has turned Ivanka Trump addressed to the electorate. The Daughter of US President Donald Trump sent an urgent appeal via Twitter: “Stay in the queue. IT DOES NOT WORK. We need you. “

Garnished your tweet Ivanka Trump with the hashtag #RedWave, red wave, which is supposed to conjure up a victory for the Republicans in the presidential election as well as in the elections in Congress.

First report from Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020: Washington D.C. – Ivanka Trump is considered the favorite daughter of Donald Trump and should definitely influence Donald Trump to have. Because their influence is even greater than that of Melania Trump is supposed to be, she is also called “First Daughter”. In addition, it was already considered a secret weapon Donald Trumps also in advance of the US election 2020. How will she be in the night of the US election 2020 react to a possible defeat of your father? Observers: inside speculate that Ivanka Trump even the succession of Donald Trump wants to compete, and so could continue Trumpism despite a defeat.

Ivanka Trump, here on duty in Florida, is fighting for her father Donald Trump to win again in the US election.

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Ivanka Trump is an ambivalent figure in the Trump-Government. First corresponds Ivanka Trump the ideal of women Donald Trump himself, which he likes to flirt with with sayings like ‘I would date her if she weren’t my daughter’. Also seem Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner Pulling the cord: being in behind the scenes.

2020 US election: Ivanka Trump campaigns for US President Donald Trump and defends controversial politics

Both were elected by US-Präsident Donald Trump appointed advisor. Jared Kushner No less a task than solving the Middle East conflict was given. Ivanka Trump In particular, tasks related to women’s policy were assigned. The qualifications of Ivanka Trump. The former model and the moderately successful designer does have one Business degree, but does not have much experience in international politics. She mainly gained experience in the Trump Organization. Ivanka Trumps husband Jared Kushner, of many properties in the USA owns, had previously caused negative headlines with unscrupulous business models, as the New York Times revealed. The US President Donald Trump was due to the appointment of Ivanka Trump as a consultant repeatedly accused of nepotism.

Donald Trump: Favorite daughter of Donald Trump poses as a benefactor for women’s rights

Ivanka Trump was during her father’s tenure Donald Trumps quite active. So founded Ivanka Trump an initiative that enables the unemployed to retrain. This seems strange, especially for the daughter of an entrepreneur whose dealings with employees are repeatedly criticized. Trump dismissed in his time as US President Lots of employees: inside, sometimes after just a few days.

Ivanka Trump wrote during the tenure Donald Trumps also the book “Women who work”, which appeared in 2017. However, it is extremely questionable whether the billionaire’s daughter Ivanka Trump really has a sense of the worries and needs of lower-class Americans: Always be Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner referred to as snobs in the US. Just before the US election 2020 brought a poster of “The Lincoln Project” in Times Square Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in connection with corona deaths in the USA. Trump and Kushner threatened to sue the organization that was founded by Republican Trump opponents.

US election 2020: First daughter Ivanka Trump campaigns for Donald Trump’s politics

Ivanka Trump completed until shortly before the US election 2020 a number of campaign appearances for her father Donald Trump: Ivanka Trump appealed to the electorate to vote for her father and promoted his controversial politics. In her appearances in designer clothes, in which she portrays herself as a benefactor for women’s rights and the needs of workers, Ivanka Trump acts more as an antipole Donald Trumps often aggressive demeanor.

“Felt like a bribe”: Ivanka Trump criticized

That Ivanka Trump is not as modern as she likes to present herself, shows her attitude towards abortion, for example. 2017 should Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner met with the women’s organization Planned Parenthood, as well reported. According to the organization, which offers cancer prevention and advice on all aspects of pregnancy and abortion, I have Ivanka Trump offered more financial support if abortions were no longer offered. According to an employee of the organization should Ivanka Trumps proposal felt like a bribe. The organization refused.

Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump’s daughter does not refuse to be a populist

In one of their interviews it was Ivanka Trump also asked about populism. She practiced her answer Ivanka Trump again playing down racist remarks and the populist appearances of her father Donald Trumps and said that these labels would restrict “you”, how “you” call or define “yourself”. But she does not reject this label at all.

Ivanka Trump attends a campaign event promoting her father Donald Trump’s policies.

© Evan Vucci

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner could have committed a criminal offense

Last got Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in the criticism because they are secretly with Kanye West, who are also said to have met as a US presidential candidate at the US election 2020 occurs. Agreements between campaign teams are in the USA forbidden. The background: In important countries could Kanye West Pick up votes. Since the US musician has no chance of winning the 2020 election, the votes could Donald Trump to fall. Ivanka Trump is also said to have used the private e-mail account for her duties in the Trump administration.

Ivana Marie (Ivanka) TrumpFirst Daughter
Date of birth30th October 1981 (age 39)
place of birthNew York City
husbandJared Kushner
parentsDonald Trump, Ivana Trump

Donald Trump: Rowdy behavior by the US President is no longer well received

Surveys for US election 2020 show, however, that the rowdy behavior Donald Trumps, which is again in the first TV duel with the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden showed that it is less popular with white voters than with white male voters. In this group of voters, masculinity is evidently defined by the man as the protector of the woman. Unlike 2016, however, the behavior is terrifying Donald Trumps female voters are currently declining because Trump now as US President no longer have the bonus of an outsider who supposedly criticizes the establishment.

US election 2020: Ivanka Trump shows ambitions to succeed Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump according to its own information, defines itself as “Trump-Republican “. You too will have future ambitions for the office US presidency attributed. Donald Trump Jr. also shows ambitions in this regard and could Trumpismus continue.

Donald Trump, his wife Melania Trump, their son Barron Trump and Donald Trumps children from past marriages, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump, apparently want the night of US election 2020 but spend in the White House – and not as announced in a luxury hotel of Donald Trump. (Delia Friess)

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