Friday, December 3

Trump or Biden? Americans go to the polls in a country under pressure

It is “D-Day” in the United States, after long months of intense campaigning and more divisive than ever. The first polling stations opened at 6 am local time on Tuesday on the east coast of the country.

Nearly 250 million Americans are called to the polls to choose their president, but around 100 million have already voted in advance, especially by mail – never seen before. Key to the ballot, these ballots will be counted when the polling stations close.

After having chained meetings at breakneck speed in recent days, Donald Trump returned to the White House this Tuesday morning, greeted by supporters. Still behind in the polls, he called on voters to vote on Twitter.

Despite a record weighed down by the pandemic, the Republican President also assured to have a “very strong chance to win“four more years in the White House, in an early morning interview on Fox News.

Same message from Democratic candidate Joe Biden, credited with a comfortable lead of nearly 7 points nationally, according to the latest polls. “I have a feeling that we are heading for a big victory“, he launched Monday evening in Pittsburgh, where he had started his campaign eighteen months ago.

But as Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 proved, a surprise is far from being ruled out, especially as the gap between the two candidates is narrower in the Swing States, these key states determining for victory. .

Historical participation

The first results of the election should be known at 1 a.m. French time with the closing of polling stations in Georgia. But it will take several more hours to count all the ballots, while the participation promises to be historic.

The record accumulation of votes by mail, which in some states may flow several days after Tuesday, may also complicate the count, or even delay the announcement of a winner if the result is tight. “As soon as the election is over, our lawyers will be ready“, a prévenu Donald Trump.

To win, a candidate does not need to have a majority vote at the national level: he must obtain at least 270 of the 538 elected voters at the state level, whose vote will take place on December 19.

Tuesday evening, at first, all eyes will be on Florida, which has promised to display the color from election night. Without this state that he won in 2016, it is an almost impossible mission for Donald Trump.

On the other hand, if he manages to keep Florida, where he is neck-and-neck with Joe Biden in the polls, attention will shift to Pennsylvania, the Democrat’s home state. There, the voting intentions are a little more favorable to the former vice-president, but with a gap close to the margin of error.

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