Wednesday, February 24

ADISQ 2020 Gala: Louis-José Houde settles our accounts with the year 2020

After some of the most listened to Quebec artists of the past year had the opportunity to perform in the four corners of the city (and this, both on the roof of a building, in the middle of a football), Louis-José Houde took control of the studio 42 stage of the Radio-Canada house to kick off the 42nd ADISQ Gala by clearly expressing his fed up with the year 2020.

“Last year, I told you not to put Felix in your mouth. This year, I don’t know where to start, ”he said straight away, in a somewhat discouraged tone.

“One that we can’t wait to disappear, for example, is 2020. It will not be called the Bye Bye, it’s going to be called Offset

The host continued by explaining that he had agreed to host the gala again this year on March 12, the day Quebec was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had no idea it would end in a little PowerPoint presentation atmosphere in the Sheraton. There are 32 of us in the place, it smells like Windex, Radio-Canada is filming with his phone, we are connected to the 110, and I don’t even know if I’m wearing underwear at the moment, ”he said.

The comedian nevertheless said he was happy to fulfill this mandate (“This is the first time I need this money!”), He who does not like to be alone on Sundays either and for whom So it was a “little outing”.

Sex (non-consenting), drugs and drive-ins

Louis-José Houde then gave a brief overview of what has struck the artistic community in recent months: the new wave of denunciations of sexual misconduct, the comeback of cocaine (!), And the shows in drive-ins.

“It’s a big year for psychologists, everyone has gone to the shrink. All those denounced went to seek help. You arrive in the waiting room, it looks like an ADISQ Gala from five years ago, ”said the one who admitted that his shrink must find him a bit boring these days. , he who is not used to biting singers’ thighs during (too) watered evenings.

“We need to talk about putting the penis in a glass of beer, my kitty. There are other ways to tell ladies that we appreciate them right through, he skillfully put it, obviously referring to the, say, surprising habits of Kevin Parent.

“A whistling in a glass doesn’t border on genius. A 47-year-old whistle … Less bicentennial cock in my beer, that’s where I draw the line! There comes an age when a seed has to stay home. It no longer takes place on Shrove Tuesday, keep it at home! ”

To the (not so) general surprise, Louis-José Houde went through the blowing snow to talk about the comeback of… cocaine?

“The problem with coke is that there aren’t enough bad-ending stories to convince us not to take it. The consequences of coke are not clear enough. There aren’t enough tales that end in disgrace in an alleyway. ″ He had a bright future, there he made covers of Okoumé at the corner of Pannet and Ontario. “We never hear that!”

After having shot a few arrows towards the more or less captivating atmosphere of the shows presented this summer in the drive-in parks of the province, Louis-José Houde ended his number on a more solemn note by talking about the desire to unite us who lives in us. all at present.

“It’s a pandemic Sunday in November 2020. And America has been crying for eight months. So it feels good to hear you laugh, to hear you play for real. And I hope that real one will cross over to your house. Tonight, we do it snatch, with a pair of pliers, a nail bar, in a basement live from a red zone, ”he concluded before officially launching the festivities.

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