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The best Bond of all time: Sir Sean Connery dies at the age of 90

Mourning Bond legend: Sean Connery is dead: the best Bond of all time! Legend dies at the age of 90

Sir Sean Connery died on Saturday night at the age of 90. Born in Edinburgh in 1930, Connery was the first James Bond actor – and for many fans the best too. Connery also starred in numerous Hollywood films. He won an Oscar for his role in “The Untouchables”. He was knighted by the Queen in 2000.

The broadcaster BBC announced the death of the native Scots on Saturday, citing Connery’s family.

Connery died at the age of 90 in the middle of the night in the Bahamas with family members. He hasn’t felt well in a while, explained his son Jason Connery. “A sad day for everyone who knew and loved my father, and people all over the world who enjoyed his wonderful acting talent.”

The role of his life was both a blessing and a curse for Sir Sean Connery. As a secret agent James Bond, he achieved world fame in the 60s and became a sex symbol. The films made him rich.

After he left the role, it took Connery many years to establish himself as a successful actor beyond 007. He could never get rid of his Bond image entirely. To this day, the Scot, who has now died at the age of 90, is considered by many to be the best James Bond of all time.

Before Sean Connery started acting, he worked as a milkman

In the beginning, Bond inventor Ian Fleming was not at all impressed by the unpolished young man whom the filmmakers used for the title role in “James Bond Chases Dr. No ”. Former bodybuilder Thomas Sean Connery, who was born in Edinburgh on August 25, 1930 as the son of a cleaning lady and a worker, was not fashionable enough for the elite Fleming. But the author changed his mind and even gave Bond Scottish roots in the novels.

Sean Connery in the video – a reminder:

Sean Connery’s 90th birthday: Great moments in his eventful life

Before Connery started acting, he had worked as a milkman and truck driver. He posed as a nude model for art students at Edinburgh College of Art and – not even his well-trained Bond successor Daniel Craig can keep up – he came third in the 1953 Mr. Universe election. The young Connery turned down a possible career as a footballer because he saw more long-term potential in acting.

After engagements in the theater and television, film roles were increasingly added. But it was Bond that really got Connery’s career going. “It was enormous. I never would have thought back then, ”he said on a BBC talk show in 2003. “Nobody had any idea what kind of success it would be.” The third film “Goldfinger” (1964) at the latest triggered a global Bond mania, which Connery however annoyed. After his fifth agent assignment “You Only Live Twice” (1967) he had had enough.

When his successor George Lazenby lost his interest in Bond after watching a film, Connery was surprisingly persuaded to make a comeback in “Diamond Fever” (1971). “I thought: man, it would be a good idea for only 14 weeks of work,” Connery later explained. He used the money to set up a foundation to financially support Scottish youths during their training.

Sean Connery wanted to break away from the Bond image

“Never again Bond”, he is supposed to have said afterwards – and played him again. “Never say never” was the tongue-in-cheek title. The remake of the 1965 Bond flick “Fireball” is not part of the official Bond series and ran in 1983 in competition with “Octopussy” with Roger Moore. Connery, who always felt badly paid, saw this as an opportunity to wipe out the Bond makers.

Beyond 007, the actor was convincing as a rebellious soldier in the anti-war drama “A Heap of Great Dogs”, alongside his friend Michael Caine as an adventurer in “The Man Who Wanted to Be King” or as a desperate policeman in the psychological thriller “His life in my power” falls apart on a child abuse case. Critics praised these films, but they did not become box office hits.

Connery’s attempt to break away from the Bond image sometimes led to strange roles. In the trashy science fiction flop “Zardoz” from 1974, he only wore a jockstrap and black boots, plus a biker beard and ponytail. Less Bond flair is hardly possible.

It wasn’t until the mid-80s that Connery really established himself in Hollywood. He was the cool swordsman Ramirez in the fantasy hit “Highlander”, excited as a monk in the medieval thriller “The Name of the Rose” and amused the audience as the curious father of Indiana Jones. He kept his image as a sex symbol. In 1989, People magazine declared the 59-year-old to be the “Sexiest Man Alive” – and in 1999 even named him the “Sexiest Man Of The Century”.

Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

His acting performance as a tenacious cop in “The Incorruptible” earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The Scot began his acceptance speech in 1988 with the words: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, friends and a few enemies.” The inconvenient Connery was notorious for suing studios. “I like fairness, it’s not just about the money,” he said in 1990 on the talk show hosted by Terry Wogan, “it’s also about principle.”

Sir Sean Connery is dead – and one of Hollywood’s greats is gone forever

In 2000, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in his hometown of Edinburgh. And that despite the fact that Sir Sean had repeatedly spoken out in favor of Scottish independence.

In his private life, the avid golfer Connery was married to the painter Micheline Roquebrune in 1975. The two lived in the Bahamas. His only son, Jason Connery, is from his first marriage to actress Diane Cilento.

Sir Sean Connery

  • Connery was born on August 25, 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland – he died in the Bahamas
  • He was in the Royal Navy and later took up odd jobs. Connery was a professional bodybuilder
  • “James Bond” made Connery a star in the 1960s, and he shot his first film in 1954
  • Films like “The Name of the Rose” (1986), “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989) and “The Rock” (1996) followed. Connery ended his film career in 2004
  • In 1989 “People Magazine” voted him “Sexiest Man Alive” at the age of 59, ten years later he was named “Sexiest Man of the Century”
  • The vegan campaigned for the environment – and with his foundation also for his home country Scotland

The actor had his last film appearance in 2003 in the film “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. Then he withdrew from the public. Sean Connery has not given interviews since then, only occasionally in photos and videos that his granddaughter Saskia Connery published on Instagram.

With him, only one of Hollywood’s greats left forever.

This is how politicians and celebrities react to Connery’s death

The death of James Bond legend Sean Connery has caused great grief worldwide. “I will miss him. Scotland will miss him. The world will miss him,” said Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Saturday.

On Saturday, the condolences and warm words also rolled over the Internet. Arnold Schwarzenegger described Connery as “a legend and one of the greatest actors of all time”.

Australian Hugh Jackman wrote on Twitter: “I grew up adoring Sean Connery.”

The Swiss actress Ursula Andress, 1962 the first Bond girl in “James Bond – 007 is chasing Dr. No”, described Connery in a communication from her agency as “generous, warm and humorous. A man of character that she no longer has today gives.”

SPD politician and Vice President of the EU Parliament, Katarina Barley, called Connery her “favorite Bond”, who will always be, and comedian Oliver Kalkofe regretted: “And again the world has lost a hero.”

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