Monday, May 10

President Trump, year IV: last crash before election

Qfour meetings Saturday, October 31, five Sundays, five Mondays. With the approach of the presidential election, which is held on Tuesday, November 3, Donald Trump is everywhere and is multiplying. In 2016, a similar permanent movement swept the Democratic dykes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Why couldn’t the fate predicted by an arm-long list of polls be denied once again?

The battle waged with the weapons of the preceding war is however generally the assurance of defeat. The solid Hillary Clinton was hated, the frail Joe Biden is appreciated and he is so far among the few to have resisted the wrecking ball that has taken up residence at the White House. Donald Trump was a new man and a blank page in politics, he wore out his fellow citizens by four years of permanent tension.

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The tactic was further illustrated this week, in the middle of the night from Thursday to Friday, by a furious message to the judges of the Supreme Court. The President of the United States more or less ordered them to rule in his favor, in their own interest, if by chance an electoral dispute concerning the presidential election of November 3 was submitted to their sagacity.

The noria of meetings meets the same objective: to saturate space, minds and conversations again and again with formulas which no longer make much sense beyond their function of entertainment. As when the president assures that the country will be plunged into such ruin from January 21 if Joe Biden is elected in his place, that the darkest of dystopias will then appear as a bluette inspired by Laura Ingalls and her Little House on The Prairie. That there will no longer be any heating, air conditioning or electricity. That the dictatorship of the far left will ban windows in the name of energy efficiency.

The divider won out

Donald Trump announces a red wave to ward off a blue wave and to look away from the one that is already surging in the Republican States. That of contaminations by this Covid-19 which he considers that we talk too much, and only to harm him. And that we will not mention more from November 4, to believe him, if he is beaten.

The epidemic, which deprived him of his economic record, could however have allowed him to pivot towards a presidentialization synonymous with re-election. The country was waiting for a Chief Comforter, but the Divider won.

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