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Policeman Stadler takes over from Mayor Knoke in Babenhausen

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Mayor Carsten Helfmann (CDU) can start his fourth term in Eppertshausen. And Daniel Rauschenberger (CDU) will be the new town hall chief in the Schaafheim community.

In the mayoral election in Babenhausen, incumbent Achim Knoke (SPD) was not re-elected for a second term. 39-year-old Dominik Stadler will be the new city hall chief (picture). The CDU Babenhausen had also supported the independent police officer.

While 54.91 percent of the votes were cast for Stadler, incumbent Knoke only got 36.66 percent. 8.43 percent of the electorate voted for the third candidate, the non-party entrepreneur Arnd Krug. The turnout was 50.69 percent.

For the third time in a row, no one in the Eppertshausen community wanted to compete against Mayor Carsten Helfmann (CDU). 89.07 percent of the electorate voted for Helfmann, who can now take up his fourth term in office. When he was first re-elected twelve years ago, 91.2 percent and six years ago 87.6 percent voted for him. In Eppertshausen, 42.25 percent of those eligible to vote took part in the direct election.

Daniel Rauschenberger (CDU) will be the new mayor of the Schaafheim community at the beginning of next year. The 36-year-old administrator, who has been a clerk in the building regulations office of the city of Aschaffenburg since 2017, will then take over from Mayor Reinhold Hehmann (CDU), who will retire at the end of the year.

55.69 percent of the votes were cast for Rauschenberger, 27.23 percent for Stephanie Roth (SPD), 9.56 percent for Jens Löffler (non-party) and 7.52 percent for Monika Riemenschneider (non-party). The turnout was 59.24 percent.

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