Friday, September 24

“My daughter met her eyes”

They call their sector, in Old Quebec, “the living room”. And Sunday morning they met there, rue des Remparts, to absorb the shock of last night, during which one of their neighbors was killed when she was out to smoke a cigarette. Another victim and five injured are to be deplored in the neighborhood.

“Suzanne! Lucie yelled, holding her head, when her neighbors told her that one of the victims of the attack in Old Quebec was her neighbor, Suzanne Clermont. They cried; they hugged, disoriented.

Moments later, it was the turn of the husband of this 61-year-old woman to leave their residence. “Suzanne! He yelled again, his body leaning forward. “My love …” The pain, the unreal character of this attack rocked the street.

A little further down the rue des Remparts, Maïté Roy recounted her meeting, Saturday evening, with the one she believes to be the suspect. “It was about 10:26 pm, I went out for a walk my dog ​​like always. I heard “aaah, aaah, he was screaming and catching his breath”. I thought it was a Halloween doll, ”the teenager drops.

I saw the neighbor and I recognized him, I thought to myself: “shit, what happened?” I saw her lying on the ground, there was a policeman who was doing resuscitation gestures and the man was shouting his despair

“I just saw a man walking. He was all black, he had a black mask. I saw it pass and I said: “nope !“I thought he was crazy. Luckily my dog ​​was barking. “

Maité Roy turned to the door of her house and rang the doorbell frantically. “I heard it ring, I thought, ‘come on, what’s going on?’ She said: “there is a man who is there, who scares me, I do not want to go out” “, relates her mother, Sandra Pacas.

She came out, she walked towards the curve which separates her house from that of the victim, and it is there that she saw her neighbor, on the ground. “I saw the neighbor and I recognized him, I was like, ‘Shit, what happened?’ I saw her lying on the ground, there was a policeman who was doing resuscitation gestures and the man was shouting his despair ”, says Mme Pacas. “What scares me is that my daughter met his gaze. “

While chatting with The duty, the victim’s husband screams his suffering, in the middle of the small rue des Remparts. He is embraced by his loved ones, in tears. He collapses to the ground.

” You think [qu’il] going to have help? A neighbor asked a police officer a few moments earlier.

“I hope he doesn’t mind asking for some,” replied the agent. “I’m used to seeing things … There are policemen who will probably be affected by what they saw last night, and they are used to it,” he continued, shaken.

In the distance, his colleagues were walking along the low walls. “We’re looking for clues,” said a policewoman.

The victim, Suzanne, was a “very friendly, jovial” hairdresser, said her neighbor, Roland. “She was appreciated by everyone, everyone knew her. She would walk her little dog, she would stop to chat with the others who were taking their dogs out, ”adds Lucie. “Since the pandemic, there has really been a great conviviality between neighbors. They are a very close couple. “

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