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Dieter Bohlen impressed: I’ve never seen anything dangerous here!

“Super talent” acrobats: Dieter Bohlen impressed: “I’ve never seen anything dangerous here!”

In the third “Supertalent” episode, many candidates moved to the limit of pain: Evelyn Burdecki was happy about a drag queen with “Knackpo” and a math genius with potency, Dieter Bohlen was particularly impressed by a pair of artists.

It got really scary in time for Halloween with the “contortionist” Papi Flex. The Belgian by choice, who comes from Guinea, garnished his archaically staged “Wilderness” show with almost unbelievable contortions and supposedly buttery bones. At the beginning of his show, Evelyn Burdecki panicked (“I won’t be able to sleep tonight”), followed by scientific interest (“Did you get your bones out?”). To her great reassurance, she stated after the performance: “Everything is there, where it should be.”

Glittering appearance

Further body studies of the only female juror followed the realization: Often everything that should be there! Especially with drag queen David Batista (22) from Gran Canaria singing arias. As a glittering “Phantom of the Opera” David not only convinced the presenter Victoria Svarowski (“You can get make-up tips from him”), but also made Evelyn enthusiastic (“Dieter, he’s not wearing any underpants!”). All the better, his “Knackpo” (Burdecki) and his “great little figure” (Swarovski) came into their own.

Bruce Darnell was amazed as well, while Chris Tall practiced self-irony: “With you, I look like in a mirror.” After two splits by David, it was clear to the solidly built juror: “Now I also know why you can sing so high!” The artist (“Drag dissolves all boundaries”), on the other hand, is of course about something else: “Society can only accept you if you accept yourself.”

Breakneck action on the death wheel

The glamorous beauty was followed by the black light show by the Russian dance group UDI from Tomsk: “Ten nice boys with a nice choreography – it couldn’t be better”, was Evelyn’s bilingual enthusiasm. Kissing hands with a fiery guitar rounded off the crazy performance of the flamenco comedy show by Paul Morocco & “Ole!” and it got sensual at the pizza baker and juggler Sebastiano Minniti from Sicily, for whom the object of his art means “Amore” and “Passione”.

The acrobat duo Rony and Jesse from Berlin, according to Burdecki “two very good looking boys” with a breakneck act on the death wheel, and Quentin and Evan from Canada, who made the breathtaking rings, delivered treats for the eyes and adrenaline for the rest of the body -Acrobatics “Chinese Hoop Diving” demonstrated.

Even the jury men joined in with the enthusiasm: “I’ve never seen anything dangerous here,” said Bohlen, praising the breakneck act, which actually has it all: “There have been artists who have lost their lives in the process”, explained Rony. Chris Tall paid tribute to the two Canadians: “It’s great that you even fit through the small ring.”

Magical potency

From the body to the head: Rüdiger Gamm (49) from Welzheim was a bodybuilder for years (“In the past, the biceps were more important to me than the brain”). Today he works as a fitness and mental coach. In “Das Supertalent” he amazed with his mental arithmetic talent, especially the exponentiation of numbers. With his eyes closed and apparently completely out of the way, he juggled up to 28-digit numbers – they appear to him in front of a kind of “mental screen, similar to the Terminator,” as Gamm later explained.

Evelyn Burdecki expanded the dimension of the term: “Potency is also called when the man is sexy”. In maths she was always a “rivet” – just like the “Calculator” Gamm. “That’s magic! “she summarized her evaluation. Or, to put it with Dieter Bohlen:” Holy shit, that was really damn cool. “

Also exciting: When the candidate has finished his song, Mark Forster immediately hands it out

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