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Chiquis Rivera pig disguises himself and is criticized for everything

  • Chiquis disguises himself as a pig on Halloween and receives all kinds of criticism for his physique
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter teases on Halloween night for her pig costume
  • She tries to defend women and although some support her, others destroy her in offenses

Chiquis, daughter of Jenni Rivera and ex-wife of Lorenzo Méndez, dresses up as ‘Peggy’ with a pig’s nose on Halloween and receives all kinds of criticism for her physique.

All of this happened through his account Instagram official @chiquis in which as a result of the celebration of Halloween, the singer decided to pay tribute to women who are victims of offenses.

The artist’s publication has been so successful that as of this Sunday morning it had more than 112 thousand reactions of likes and more than 2,500 comments.

Image taken from Insatgram @chiquis

In her message, the daughter of Jenni Rivera and ex-wife of Lorenzo Méndez said the following: “Today I take strength from all the women who have ever been insulted or despised as it has happened to me many times, because of their physique.”

Then she added: “Today I am the #MissPiggy super power that represents women who love each other as we are and we do not let anyone despise us for our beauty! Happy Halloween. Thanks to all the women who give me strength to continue standing.

In the image you can see the artist wearing a silver-colored dress, very fitted and short, with transparent sneakers, a pink coat and a pig’s nose.

She is not the first famous to do this type of activity, one of which started was the Venezuelan driver, Carolina ‘Veneno’ Sandoval, who wore a ‘Fiona’ costume.

All this in order to celebrate ‘Halloween’ in a different way, which is celebrated in practically the whole world and which is not very well regarded by many people.

Then, on the next page, we will leave you with some of the strongest criticisms that have been unleashed by the pig costume that Chiquis Rivera used to celebrate Halloween.

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