Friday, September 24

A good tip: have your car battery tested before winter

Will we have a winter as early as last year, with lots of snow and unusually cold temperatures starting in November? The future will tell, but to avoid being caught off guard, it is better not to delay changing your tires, taking care of fall maintenance and preparing your vehicle well for the tough months ahead. .

We repeat it every year: the battery is one of the elements that you should not neglect before winter and it is important to test it. This is even more true in 2020.

Why? Because confinement, teleworking and changes in people’s travel habits since the start of the pandemic have weakened the batteries, according to CAA-Quebec, which recalls that when you do not ride, or very little, the battery of ‘a car deteriorates slowly and has no time to recover.

“A car battery is a sneaky little beast: it deteriorates in the summer when it’s hot, but shows no sign of weakening until its power is overused. Until the first cold morning… when she suddenly refuses to collaborate, ”explains the organization.

By the way, demand for CAA-Quebec’s Battery Assistance service more than doubled in May 2020 (+ 137.7%) compared to the same month the previous year. The increase is 30% over one year, calculated at the end of September.

In addition to the very reduced mileage, the particularly hot summer we experienced had a severe impact on the batteries. Do you remember those heat waves in June and July? To make sure yours is in good condition, make an appointment at a garage to have it tested (ideally at the same time as installing winter tires or performing routine maintenance) or do it yourself. . A battery diagnostic only takes a few minutes.

In closing, know that there are a few tips to save your car battery, regardless of the season. For example, avoid short trips and collect your groceries in one outing. Use synthetic oil for the engine (if the vehicle manufacturer allows it) and use a block heater in cold weather. Finally, do not try to start the engine for more than 10 seconds and wait at least 30 seconds between each attempt.

In video: Antoine Joubert helps you prepare your car for winter

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