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Monday, November 30

The ban on extended international travel until November 30

Ottawa has postponed the lifting of restrictions on international travel to November 30.

However, some changes related to the mandatory quarantine have been made.

“As of October 31, 2020, residents of Campobello Island (New Brunswick), Stewart (British Columbia), Northwest Angle (Minnesota) and Hyder (Alaska) are exempt from the mandatory 14-day quarantine period in order to they can obtain basic necessities (eg food and medical services) in the nearest American or Canadian region, ”it wrote in a statement released Friday.

“In addition, students from Canada and the US who cross the border on a regular basis to go to school, with a driver, as well as children in shared custody, with a parent, are exempt from the period. mandatory 14-day quarantine, ”adds Public Safety Canada.

Residents of the United States studying in Canada should always refer to the List of Designated Educational Institutions to ensure arrangements for entry into the country.

Canada says it wants to continue studying options other than quarantine for people who absolutely have to travel internationally.

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