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Thursday, November 26

Trump’s immigration plan for second term is revealed by adviser

  • A Trump adviser revealed the other side of the coin regarding the immigration agenda for the president’s second term if he is reelected
  • The adviser said Trump will seek to limit asylum, target sanctuary cities and cut work visas.
  • Contrary to this, the president announced yesterday that if re-elected he would give employment and aid to immigrants

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Stephen Miller, unveiled a coercive second-term immigration agenda for the Republican in the event he is re-elected next week.

In a telephone interview offered to NBC News, the adviser highlighted what would be the four main items on the agenda: limiting asylum grants, punishing and eliminating sanctuary cities, expanding the travel ban with stricter controls for visa applicants and putting new limits on visas from job.

Photo: Twitter.

Miller stressed that the goal of the Trump Administration in a second round will be to “raise and improve the standard of entry” to the US, according to NBC News.

“In many cases, solving these problems and restoring a semblance of sanity in our immigration programs involves regulatory reform,” Miller said.

“Congress has delegated a lot of authority, and that underscores the depth of the choice facing the American people,” the adviser added.

Miller has spearheaded a hard-line immigration policy that many call cruel, racist and antithetical to American values ​​as a nation of immigrants.

For his part, Trump’s campaign adviser also assures that his sole objective is to protect the safety and wages of Americans.

Regarding asylum policy, Miller stressed that in a second term Trump would try to expand “burden sharing” agreements with other countries to distribute asylum seekers globally.

“The president would like to expand that to include the rest of the world,” Miller said. “And if you create safe third-party partners on other continents and other countries and regions, then you have the ability to share the burden of asylum seekers globally.”

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