THE FORBIDDEN PHOTO! Érika Buenfil 'kept a photo' to 'PROTECT' her son and now 'IT COMES TO LIGHT' in an UNEXPECTED way - The Canadian
Thursday, November 26

THE FORBIDDEN PHOTO! Érika Buenfil ‘kept a photo’ to ‘PROTECT’ her son and now ‘IT COMES TO LIGHT’ in an UNEXPECTED way


  • Erika Buenfil shares never seen before photography.
  • The Mexican actress is shown pregnant with her little son, Nicolás
  • Netizens highlight what a wonderful mother she is.

The actress Erika Buenfil, published a recent photograph on her social networks that would surprise many, since it would be a snapshot that, according to the Mexican, not many knew and that until that moment was a secret ‘from the father of her son’.

It is known that the Mexican actress, Erika Buenfil has appeared in a million Mexican novels, either as a protagonist, a villain, etc., however, her life, from the birth of her son Nicolás de Jesús Buenfil López, became completely controversial. .

It was in 2005 when the Amores Verdaderos actress gave birth to her only son, Nicolás Buenfil, amid a series of rumors related to the identity of her son’s father.

PHOTO: Instagram. Erika Buenfil

It was not until years of questioning that he finally revealed who it was, stating that Nicolás’s father was the son of former Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo, generating more controversy than there already was.

For this reason, Erika Buenfil decided not to be so open about her pregnancy, this photograph being, very little seen, of her pregnant.

In the snapshot published by the actress’s official Instagram account, you can see a photo of Erika Buenfil pregnant, waiting for her “little Nic”.

In the publication, Erika appears with her hair up, while wearing a pink blouse rolled up just above her pregnant belly and black pants, while a wooden crib is seen in the background next to a crib carousel, giving it an extra touch maternal to photography.

In the photo of Erika Buenfil pregnant published on her Instagram, the following message appears: “Of those photos that I never published. The sweet waiting of my Nic. #tbt “

Quickly, the publication of the photo of Erika Buenfil pregnant received thousands of reactions and ‘likes’ from various personalities of the show, such as actress Ariadne Díaz, singer Ana Barbara, and actress Adriana Nieto, giving a total of 76 thousand ” I like it ”in said publication.

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  • Mehfooz Roy

    I think it is pretty easy to lose track of yourself after having a baby. What is important to note is that if you don’t take care of yourself, the harder it becomes to take care of your baby. I really like how you related that above!

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