The Border Patrol sent Central American children without their parents to Mexico | The NY Journal - The Canadian
Monday, November 23

The Border Patrol sent Central American children without their parents to Mexico | The NY Journal

The United States has released immigrant children from other countries to Mexico.

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Activists in defense of immigrant children from Central America have been aware of rumors that these minors were being expelled from the United States to Mexico, without family members to accompany them. A The New York Times report confirmed those rumors.

The expulsions of minors without families that the Border Patrol has been carrying out without due process and in breach of immigration pacts between Mexico and the United States They put children in countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador at great risk by sending them without an accompanying adult to a country where they have no family connections. Most of these children appear to have been placed, at least initially, in the care of Mexican child welfare authorities, which oversee shelters run by religious organizations and other private groups.

The expulsions to Mexico of children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, which seem to add up to more than 200 in the last eight months, they reflect the haphazard nature with which many of the Administration’s most aggressive immigration policies have been introduced.

In many cases, they have led to young children being exchanged between government agencies in the United States and now, between governments of countries other than their own. For years, the Trump administration’s handling of migrant children has left family members separated for months and unable to communicate with each other.

Based on existing diplomatic agreements and United States policies, it is assumed that Children from countries other than Mexico must travel on flights operated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service to their countries of origin, where they can reunite with their families.

They confirm expulsions of children from other countries to Mexico

An email from the deputy chief of the United States Border Patrol, Eduardo Sanchez, obtained by The New York Times, makes it clear that Such transfers have not only occurred, but are a clear violation of US policy.

“Recently, we have identified several suspicious cases in which Alone Minors (SM) from countries other than Mexico have been expelled through ports of entry instead of being referred to ICE Air Operations for expulsion flights,” Sanchez wrote.

Brian Hastings, Chief of the Rio Grande Valley Sector of the Border Patrol, acknowledged in an interview that non-Mexican children had been sent back to Mexico.

Hastings said that without the migrants returning quickly under the pandemic rule, “we would have massive amounts of infections, massive amounts of mixing and again, we would fill a hospital.” He said that lBorder agents must contact the Mexican consular office each time an unaccompanied child is removed.

These expulsions of children without family to a country other than their origin, create a new and potentially more devastating complication, creating even more confusion for families in Central America and elsewhere who may be trying to find their children.

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