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Thursday, November 26

Strategic minerals: the FTQ finds the Quebec plan incomplete

The Federation of Workers of Quebec (FTQ) took note of the government plan on critical and strategic metals, essential in the manufacture of medical imaging devices, telephones, computers, batteries and electric vehicles.

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The Quebec project is based on an investment of $ 90 million, already announced in March, for the exploitation of 22 strategic minerals.

The Central Syndicate considers the Legault government’s plan “incomplete”, even though it finds some positive points.

“There are a lot of gray areas in this plan, especially in terms of direct economic benefits and local hiring for the regions. Apart from the battery sector, the commitment to the second and third transformation seems very weak to us, ”reacted the secretary general of the FTQ, in a press release, Friday.

“We cannot squander Quebec’s subsoil simply to meet global demand,” he complained.

The FTQ recalls that a “credible” natural resource development plan must be based on “coherent social, territorial and environmental development objectives”.

While welcoming the desire to exploit critical and strategic minerals, the Central Union pleads for the development of the electric transport sector.

“Quebec already has industries in the manufacture of trucks and trailers, recreational vehicles, airplanes, as well as school buses on which we can rely to take this shift in electric transport,” added Mr. Bolduc.

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