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Thursday, November 26

Our editor was able to play with the PlayStation 5 – that’s his first impression

Console available from November 19th: Our editor was able to play with the PS5 – that’s his first impression

Finally, the new Playstation 5 from Sony is in the starting blocks: On November 19th the PS5 will be in German stores. If there are still copies on sale. We were able to take a first look at the console eagerly awaited by fans.

The white and black design of the PS5 clearly stands out from its matt black or gray predecessors. During assembly, a stand is installed next to the connections, which fixes the console either lying or standing.

The first impression of the PlayStation 5

For a first impression of the game, we were able to take advantage of the fun technology demo Astro’s Playroom – a platformer that is primarily intended to show the innovations in the controller of Sony’s PS5.

The controller, called DualSense, has changed significantly compared to its predecessors: The side arms have been lengthened. The buttons and the control pad are colorless. The designers enlarged the touchpad and made it trapezoidal.

A small hole in the side facing the player turns out to be a microphone – this can be blown into, for example to blow on a fan during a game.

PlayStation 5: the possibilities of the controller noticeably expanded

The triggers, i.e. the large buttons on the back, now have a kind of motor that can increase the resistance when pressed. This creates cool effects: In Astro’s Playroom, for example, the feel of a spring is simulated.

It feels amazingly real – and gives hope that it will be used in other areas in future PS5 titles. For example, when accelerating or braking in racing games or when firing weapons.

Overall, the vibration effect on the controller has been noticeably expanded. The shaking and shaking of the DualSense apparently covers a larger area and includes more fine levels.

PlayStation 5 comes on the market for 499 euros

On November 19th, Sony’s PS5 will also be released in Germany. It costs 499 euros. There will be a test of the PS5 on November 6th on FOCUS Online – as well as a comparison with the XBox Series X.

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