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Tuesday, November 24

Melania Trump in the US election campaign: “A US president has never done that before”

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Melania Trump reports back at a campaign event. Previously there had been speculation about marital problems and rifts in the Trump family. The first lady is clearly positioning herself.

  • Melania Trump stops at an election campaign event in the USA a speech.
  • The First Lady praises her husband US-Präsident Donald Trump and thus ensures running gags.
  • Trump News: All information about the President of the United States of America.

Washington – Melania Trump is back in the election campaign. A few days before US elections has the First Lady On Tuesday (October 27th, 2020) did an election campaign appearance in Atglen in the state of Pennsylvania, a swing state that is important for the election, and ideologically behind her husband US-Präsident Donald Trump posed. It had previously been speculated whether the First Lady according to her Corona-Infection withdraws from the campaign or whether there are marital problems between Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump give. “Donald is a fighter. He loves his country and he fights for you every day ”, said the First Lady now.

First Lady Melania Trump stages Donald Trump as a fighter for his supporters: inside

Melania Trump was full of praise for her husband in her recent campaign appearance Donald Trump, especially for its appearance on Twitter: “Never in history has a US President spoken directly to his people. ”said Melania. The running gag before the Trump-Pendant: appeared inside Her mentioning that she didn’t always agree, as he did: Laughter and applause followed in the hall.

Melania Trump defends her husband Donald Trump’s Twitter presence

Donald Trump is often criticized for his handling of Twitter. The platform started individual tweets from 2020 Donald Trump to provide a notice that they are misinformation. Repeatedly insulted Trump mostly women on Twitter. By Melanias statement that her husband found a direct line to the people through Twitter is once again an outsider Trumps emphasizes and puts his fight against the establishment in the foreground. With their “Be Best” campaign, of all people, advertises First Lady Melania Trump for a more respectful interaction on social media. However, given the rabid appearance of her husband on Twitter, the campaign received repeated criticism.

First Lady Melania Trump ideologically fully supports her husband Donald Trump


First Lady Melania Trump describes her husband Donald Trump and provides a running gag

With the new campaign appearance, the tactic seems to be Trump to have come up again: The topic of conversation shifts from content to the personal entanglements of the presidential family around Trumps wife Melania Trump. Melania Trump also spoke in her speech that the media Donald Trump would have loved before being considered US President put up for election. You would have seen the man she was [Melania] I see every day: someone who is tough, successful and fair. When a woman’s voice from the audience throws in that Trump is also “good-looking” smiles Melania and adds: “I agree.” After his presidential candidacy in 2016, however, the media had drawn a different image of her husband that she does not recognize.

Melania Trump also speaks about Corona between gags and hymns of praise

The performance MelaniaShortly before the US election, this is supposed to divert attention once more from the real problem, namely that the number of New infections with the Coronavirus increases and more deaths are expected. Originally wanted First Lady, who last gave a speech at the Republican Party’s nomination conference in August, last week with the US presidents Campaign. However, the plan is said to be due to a “persistent cough” as a result of her Corona-Infection may have been foiled. Donald Trump, Melania Trump and their son Barron Trump probably encountered the novel during an event in the White House rose garden Coronavirus infected. To this day, Donald Trump plays his Corona infection and the danger posed by the virus.

Melania Trump attacks Democrats and supports husband Donald Trump

US President Trump had been hospitalized for three days in early October. Donald Trump then quickly returned to the election campaign. “We feel so much better now,” said Melania Trump now and thanked “for all the love and support” that her family showed after the Corona-Disease has been suffered. The First Lady but also spoke to the bereaved of the more than 225,000 Corona-Dead in the USA her compassion. “I know there are many people who have lost loved ones or know people who are forever affected by this silent enemy,” said Melania.

Coronavirus: Rapid vaccine should be “celebrated” by both political sides

Her family’s thoughts and prayers are with those affected. “We will triumph over this virus,” added the First Lady added. Melania also talked about vaccination and that it should be supported and celebrated by both political sides. However, no one should spread fear like this Melania Furthermore. This could be passed on to the Democrats and the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden who repeatedly stressed the importance of following standards and processes in vaccine development. Donald Trump however, it has already promised a rapid vaccine and the use of drugs, which, however, are not yet approved. Russia had previously approved a vaccine that had not gone through the tried and tested clinical process. The premature approval was criticized by experts around the world.

First Lady Melania Trump warns of Biden’s “socialist agenda”

Warned in her speech Melania Trump also before Biden and Kamala Harris and her “socialist agenda” that will destroy everything that has been built in the past four years. While her husband Donald Trump Measures to contain the Coronavirus Melania claims that the Democrats wasted taxpayers’ money on a fraud impeachment case.

The Corona-Pandemie plays a central role in the election campaign. Trump has repeatedly downplayed the threat posed by the virus. His challenger Joe Biden from the opposition Democrats accuses him of failure in crisis management. (df ​​with material from agencies)

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