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Monday, November 23

Mayor of Dalhousie doesn’t want the ‘Apollo’ on his dock

Another pitfall for the ship “Apollo”: the junkyard that bought it last week plans to take it to the dock in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, to dismantle it over the next few days. However, the municipality does not want it.

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“He is not welcome in Dalhousie, period!” Exclaimed this morning the mayor of the municipality, Normand Pelletier. The latter does not in any way want the Dalhousie wharf to serve as a home port in New Brunswick. However, the new buyer of the “Apollo”, Dalhousie Marine Recyclers, intends to dock there next week to recover the materials.

“Me, if I belong to a piece of land and an individual came up to me and said, ‘I’m going to dismantle some damaged cars on your land without your permission,’ I don’t think that would be greatly appreciated by people. [sic]», He launched.

Normand Pelletier affirmed that the scrap dealer did not have all the legal authorizations to proceed. An agreement must be made beforehand with the president and CEO of the Dalhousie seaport. The scrap dealer must then have in his possession legal, provincial and federal proofs, as well as the permits from Environment and Transport Canada to forward his request.

In his defense, René Renault, owner of Dalhousie Marine Recyclers, said he had received two of the three required certifications in the past two days.

“It is very expensive, it is professionals from the Ministry of Transport who come and certify these things. People think we come up with a scrappe court. This is not how it works! The boat is dismantled piece by piece and the pieces are immediately put in trucks that leave for the recycling center in Saint-Jean-Nouveau-Brunswick, ”he said.

The mayor of Dalhousie is also concerned about the harmful effects of such a procedure on the environment. He fears that the dismantling of the scrap metal on his territory is an aggravating factor in the atmospheric situation of his city which, according to him, is already degraded.

“The town of Dalhousie has been polluted long enough, a hundred years of time. Maybe he could look at New Richmond, Chandler or Gaspé or Sainte-Anne-des-Monts or Matane. Why Dalhousie? No idea, but it’s Mr. Renault and his project, ”said Normand Pelletier.

“Environmental studies, the customer who buys the metal has six studies done, so we do not have to start over,” replied the buyer of the vessel.

Remember that the design of an artificial reef was envisaged for the “Apollo”. The project was finally aborted because of the enormous costs it would have generated. The old ferry was therefore bought for the modest sum of a dollar by the scrap dealer René Renault last Monday.

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