Julio César Chávez takes advantage of Maradona's 60th birthday to apologize for the past | The NY Journal - The Canadian
Thursday, November 26

Julio César Chávez takes advantage of Maradona’s 60th birthday to apologize for the past | The NY Journal

Diego Armando Maradona turns 60 this Friday and another sports legend, Julio César Chávez, He took the opportunity to apologize for what he thought of him in the past, since, despite the fact that they are now friends, there was a time when the footballer did not like the boxer.

The Grand Mexican Champion revealed to the Super Deportivo program on Radio Villa Trinidad that He met the footballer in 2019 and since then he has known that he is a great person, but that before that he had the wrong idea about him.

“You know, Diego, with all due respect, I used to like you very badly, I fell fat as we say here in Mexico, for the way you are, but now that I know you personally I apologize, because you are a great man and now we are great friends“He said that the Caesar of Boxing told him.

He also mentioned that due to his prejudices He declined an invitation to appear on the star’s program “La Noche del 10”.

Before I met him, I had a bad impression of Diego, that’s why I had said no when he had invited me to his television program. I told him that I was not interested in going to his program, because I fell fat and bad. Later when we met, he kissed me, we hugged and I remember that he laughed and we became very good friends. I gave him some shirts, some of my gloves and he gave me one of his shirts, “he added.

Finally, he recognized the talent of the footballer and expressed his admiration for him.

I have great admiration and respect for him. He is one of the greatest footballers of all time. Diego left a great memory. People admire him, appreciate him and value everything he did ”, he declared.


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