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Tuesday, November 24

Integration of its police service | Laval rejects the idea of ​​the SPVM

(Laval) The City of Laval rejects the idea of ​​holding a feasibility study for the administrative integration of the police forces in the cities of Laval, Longueuil and Montreal.

The Canadian Press

This suggestion was made public this week by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) in a document intended for the Advisory Committee on Police Reality (CCRP).

The direction of the Montreal police force writes in this document that the governance of this integration could be ensured by a Commission of police services. However, the SPVM indicates that a decentralized patrol and investigation service for territorial crimes could be maintained.

The City of Laval has indicated that this proposal does not correspond to its orientations and that it wishes to maintain its local and proximity service. The mayor, Marc Demers, indicates that Laval has initiated a process aimed at the complete overhaul of its police service and the implementation of measures to control operating costs.

However, Laval noted that the SPVM’s report contained recommendations that correspond more to its own proposals, in particular on the sharing of information and expertise. Laval is also hoping for a more equitable way of financing police forces.

The Advisory Committee on Police Reality (CCRP) will be holding virtual public consultations starting November 12 to hear from organizations, stakeholders and citizens. Virtual public hearings will then take place, starting November 23.

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