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Tuesday, November 24

Guilty of killing his wife by mistake

A man from the Laurentians who shot his partner dead by shooting her in the head during a drunken party five years ago, on Christmas Eve, has finally been convicted of manslaughter.

Since his arrest for murder, Pascal Varennes has always insisted that he never wanted to kill his wife.

Both during his interrogation, carried out on Christmas Day 2015, and during his trial, which was held this fall at the Mont-Laurier courthouse, the 41-year-old man has kept swearing that he will not wanted to scare Chantal Bozec by shooting the wall behind her.

The 51-year-old woman was however shot twice in the head, which caused her death instantly, in the residence the couple shared in Nominingue.

Varennes was still severely intoxicated when he finally called 911, hours after the tragedy.

He had spent the previous evening and night drinking alcohol and using cocaine with his partner and friends.

Early in the morning, a chicane broke out and Varennes wanted it to stop and Bozec goes to bed or she leaves home.

Gun under the bed

He went to look under his mattress for an old pistol, found in a cottage he had bought in the past, and stood in the doorway to the living room, where his wife was.

Varennes has always maintained that he only fired once, but two shots went off. He expected a strong reaction from Mme Bozec, but there was complete silence.

As he entered the room, he realized that he had just committed the irreparable.

After several days of hearing, Superior Court judge Catherine Mandeville believed the accused’s version.

The magistrate thus declared him guilty of the less serious offense of manslaughter, which allows him to avoid life imprisonment.

Varennes was sentenced to nine years and two months in detention, of which he has less than two years to serve.

He will then have to submit to a series of conditions for three years.

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