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Tuesday, December 1

Covid-19: after France, Belgium announces reconfinement

Belgium in turn announces a reconfinement from Monday until December 13. Non-essential stores, affected by these new measures, may possibly reopen after an assessment of the situation on December 1.

Across the country, gatherings will be limited to four people in public spaces and fifteen people for funerals. If work will remain possible thanks to teleworking, the so-called “contact” professions such as hairdressers or masseurs will be stopped.

The start of the new school year in Belgian schools is postponed to November 16, while secondary education will resume in a face-to-face / remote way. Distance learning will however be the norm in higher education.

The number of patients in Belgian hospitals rose to 6,187 on Friday, an increase of 263 people in one day. “For the first time, we have more than 100,000 infections, hospitalizations remain high and double every 8 or 9 days“explains Yves Van Laethem, spokesperson for the Covid-19 crisis center.”Mortality doubles every 6 days“he specifies.

First day of reconfinement in France

France began its second confinement this Friday for at least four weeks. The objective is to stop the spread of the coronavirus, while the epidemic has accelerated at the beginning of autumn. A total of 67 million people must stay at home except for work, health care, exercise or essential shopping.

Movement between regions limited in Portugal

In Portugal, the authorities want to limit family reunification as much as possible as All Saints’ Day approaches. Travel between regions is therefore restricted. Checkpoints have been set up on the country’s main roads.

With nearly 4,000 new infections recorded daily, authorities fear that this figure will double next week and overwhelm the health system. The government says it will fall back on military hospitals and the private sector first if more beds are needed.

The entertainment industry protests in Italy

In Italy, entertainment professionals demonstrated this Friday in front of the parliament in Rome to oppose the closure of theaters decided for a month. Bars, cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors also have to close every day from 6 p.m.

Italy, which has a total of more than 610,000 cases of Covid-19, has seen a daily increase in new infections this week. Nearly 27,000 infections have been identified for the day Thursday.

Restaurants, bars, cinemas closed in Germany for four weeks

In Germany, for four weeks restaurants, bars, cinemas and theaters will have to close. The sale of take-out food will however remain possible, as the country is close to the 500,000 infection mark.

Extended state of emergency in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the government has extended the state of emergency until November 20. The country has already implemented a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. since Wednesday in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19. In total, the Czech Republic has recorded nearly 290,000 cases of Covid-19, more than half of which in the past two weeks.

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