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Thursday, November 26

Bercy estimates that a month of confinement will cost the State 15 billion euros

Faced with the anger and depression of small bosses caused by the announcement of a new confinement, Bruno Le Maire has, again, drawn the billions of the State. The Minister of the Economy, once a careful manager of public accounts, swears, in fact, not to skimp on spending. “We will continue to support our economy, businesses, businesses and employees. We do not want to add the social crisis to the health crisis ”, he said, Thursday, October 29, detailing the measures that will be deployed for an estimated cost, at this stage, of 15 billion euros per month confined.

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In detail, the arsenal put in place resembles that deployed during the first containment, between March and April. But the scope of the device is wider and it can be supplemented if necessary. “Everything is on the table”, underlines the Minister. Thus, beyond recourse to partial unemployment, covered at 100%, is added the solidarity fund which will compensate up to 10,000 euros companies with less than 50 employees closed administratively, and those belonging to sectors severely affected (tourism, culture, etc.) who will have lost more than 50% of their turnover. For all others ” without exception “ (less than 50 employees), as well as for the self-employed, compensation will be possible up to 1,500 euros. “It’s a massive safety net”, assures Bruno Le Maire, quantifying the measure at 6 billion euros for the next four weeks. A total of 200,000 businesses will have to lower the curtain as of Friday.

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The loans guaranteed by the State will also be maintained and extended. And those who demand an extension of their deadlines will not be “Stigmatized” like bad payers by the Bank of France, underlines the tenant of Bercy. As for those who could not subscribe to these loans, the State will lend them up to 10,000, or even 50,000 euros. The exemptions from charges will also be available to those who are required to close shop and to the self-employed. For the others, an analysis will be made ” case by case “. Finally, an agreement was reached on the subject of the rents which weigh on the professionals in distress. Landlords who waive at least one month’s rent will receive, in exchange, 30% of the amount as a tax credit. Sensitive to calls to further protect the most precarious and this youth whose future is darkening week after week, the minister also affirms “To be open to everything”. “I look at the risk of poverty, and downgrading”, he assures.

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