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Sunday, November 29

Walmart tentatively pulls guns off shelves ahead of election

(Washington) The American distribution giant Walmart decided Thursday to temporarily withdraw weapons and ammunition from its shelves as a precaution five days of a tense presidential election and after violent protests in Philadelphia.

France Media Agency

“We have seen isolated movements of social unrest and, as we have done several times in recent years, we have moved our guns and ammunition off the shelves as a precaution for safety. of our users, ”a Walmart spokesperson said Thursday.

The sign, which specifies that these weapons remain for sale, had already taken a similar step last summer during the demonstrations which followed the death of George Floyd, an African-American killed by the police.

Walmart sells guns in half of its big box stores, mostly in hunting areas, the group says.

This measure comes as the day before in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), demonstrations following the death of a black man killed by police officers degenerated into looting, leading to arrests.

Several videos shot by local media have filmed a Walmart hypermarket being robbed in the north of the city.

This decision was also taken in a tense context ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election.

On several occasions, Donald Trump has refused to say whether he will hand over power peacefully if defeated.

He suggested that only massive frauds – which he claims without proof would be made possible by the increased use of postal voting because of the pandemic – could prevent him from winning.

In downtown Washington DC, multiple apartment buildings began barricading doors and windows with plywood sheets on Wednesday in anticipation of possible protests following election night.

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