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Tuesday, December 1

Physical Culture

A balanced diet, adequate hours of sleep and exercise.

These are precepts that we all strive to put into practice within our means and to the best of our knowledge.

Gym, yoga, crossfit and other training methods have invaded our lives. We are sold the form, better mental balance, the exhilaration of performance and the lean, muscular body that we dream of at any age.

Private trainer, Keto diet, vegan or gluten free. Vitamin drinks, protein bars, juices and potions of all kinds. The Fitness industry still has a bright future ahead.

Except that at the moment, it is ripping off, the Gyms and other sports halls being closed. These are businesses that find themselves in trouble and one can only sympathize with the owners struggling with the financial problems that result.

That these establishments help to maintain good physical condition: okay. But that they claim that their temporary closure puts people’s health at risk? That going to Gyms saves lives? That the government is putting the population in danger by depriving them of this service considered essential?

It’s strong coffee.

The ones saving lives right now: It’s healthcare workers.

It is the caregivers who maintain the system at arm’s length. And the opening of the gyms would not help them, on the contrary!

It is the head of intensive care at Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital who says so. The Dr Francois Marquis. The last thing they need in the health care system right now are more outbreaks. Except according to Doctor Marquis, gyms could have the same negative impact as Karaoke.

The balance of our health system is precarious.

If Gym owners and their customers are serious about supporting healthcare professionals, they must obey the rules.

We are going through tough times at all levels. Financial, professional, physical and mental. Can you still go out for a walk, run, cycle or do your training at home for a while to clear your mind?

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