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Monday, November 23

MundoHispanico Awards education line, Nury Castillo

  • Nury Castillo Crawford wins MundoHispanico Awards in Education
  • Its main focus is to empower children and families alike
  • He has a history of more than 20 years in education

The entrepreneur, educator and author of several books, Nury Castillo Crawford, wins MundoHispanico Awards in the Education line.

Nury Castillo Crawford is a Peruvian immigrant who came to the United States when she was ten years old with her family.

She is the mother of three children and has a career of more than 20 years in education. Currently, she is the owner of 1010 Publishing LLC and a published author.

“I define myself as a fighter for the empowerment of culture and our language. Having our culture and our language is a super power in this world ”, he expressed.

For Castillo Crawford, her main focus is empowering children and families alike.

The author of several bilingual books, told MundoHispanico that she likes that the community not only see “our world” and is reflected in the figures of the stories “like us and our children” but also wants others who may not have These experiences and they are unaware of the Hispanic culture or have very minimal knowledge about it, they can read these books and they can also enter that world through the book.

“In 2019 how I launched the mentoring program for Hispanic children. During the time of the year 2016 I began to listen to a lot of conversations, news on the radio on television telling not only me but the world in this country what an immigrant was.

And what I was hearing was horrifying for me because I did not know what immigrant they were talking about and I said it is my duty even if only I listen to it, although only I know it and my grandchildren when I die that they are my family know the true story of an immigrant , of us.

It was at this point that Nury wondered how he could create a company of his own based on the fact that he was not the only person with a story to tell.

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“Maybe not only do I make my story, I can also help other people who also tell their story and this has come out beautiful,” said Nury.

It was then that he created 1010 Publishing LLC with which they only focus on publishing bilingual books.

That other immigrants can identify with the published stories, make Nury Castillo Crawford very impressive.

“I believe that when children grow up with those few seeds of love, pride and expectations from our families, they will grow much better and healthier because everyone needs to know that they are part of something, and we don’t have to invent and try to be people we are not, “said Nury.

The gratitude to the Latino and Hispanic community is what makes Nury always be at your service so that together they can succeed.

The winner of the MundoHispanico Awards in Education, attended Florida A&M University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s and MS degrees. Later she became a teacher in the same state.

Over the years, he moved to Georgia, where he currently resides. He has had many capacities within the educational administration. Education is her passion and she feels privileged to support children to grow both academically and socially.

While working as the Parent Involvement Coordinator in Federal Title I Programs, Nury led and increased community support through grants, parental support, and support for local businesses.

Conducted an average of twenty annual workshops in the context of parental involvement. He also led the group, researched and wrote various grants to support schools at the local level. Additionally, he initiated and built positive relationships with the local business community to support the schools.

Nury Castillo Crawford is a powerful voice and advocate for parental involvement. She engages with both parents and educators on how to address the dynamics of delicate relationships. She is an excellent motivator for children and provides much-needed support for early learners. She works diligently to be a bridge between schools and families.

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