Joe Biden's wife promised attention to Latinos in talk with Eugenio Derbez | The NY Journal - The Canadian
Monday, November 30

Joe Biden’s wife promised attention to Latinos in talk with Eugenio Derbez | The NY Journal

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo.

Photo: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Eugenio Derbez Y Alessandra rosaldo they join famous like Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi to support the candidacy for the presidency of Joe biden And with the elections just days away, the couple decided to start a conversation with the politician’s wife to see what the future will be like for the Latino community in the United States if he wins.

The comedian and the singer made a live video on Instagram with Jill biden and they questioned him if, in addition to the movement to help those affected by the passage of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico three years ago, there will be other measures of protection or support for the thousands of people who have left their homes in Latin America to seek a better life in the North American country.

“I think the Latino vote for Joe is a clear decision. Joe cares a lot about the Latino community and it’s a growing group and he wants to make sure everyone has the same education and health care as everyone else and that ultimately everyone can become a citizen. We also want the families of immigrants to be able to come without restrictions and we trust that with the Biden administration this can be achieved without problems “said the politician’s wife.

Finally, Eugenio pointed out that throughout the mandate of Donald trump There were countless cases of deportation, racism and discrimination, so he hopes that with the change of mandate, if it happens, things can change for the better and that Latinos no longer have to worry about their future.

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