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Tuesday, December 1

Column: Five things that annoy the Corona autumn

BLower leaves rustling on the sidewalks, in between the first chestnuts, walks in the pleasant autumn sun: Yes, autumn has its fantastic sides – but then, by November at the latest, it shows its rainy and cruel face.

You never know exactly when this terrible time will start, you feel safe for too long thanks to the warm transition period. And this year there is another not inconsiderable component: Corona and late autumn are the final bosses of good humor. And the worst: There is no improvement in sight.

1. The foggy glasses

People who wear glasses now reach the complicated temperature range. As soon as the magic ten degree mark is scratched, it gets annoying: Just two minutes in the fresh air, the glasses fog up and the owner is not groping in the dark, but in the fog. Weaning is only partially an option, poor eyesight and such.

Thanks to Corona, this mist filter has persisted in reality since the mouth and nose protection obligation was passed, not exactly to the delight of those who wear glasses. There are interim solutions such as a wire on the top of the mask, but by the onset of late autumn at the latest, that won’t help either.

Armin Laschet is also familiar with the problem: once the glasses fog up, it doesn't help much.

Armin Laschet is also familiar with the problem: once the glasses fog up, it doesn’t help much.

Image: dpa

2. The twilight evening

But if you don’t just want to look through foggy and foggy glasses, but also prefer rose-colored glasses, you will quickly end up at dating apps. Have a date after work – Corona-compliant of course – and go for a walk together? Not a nice idea, the weather doesn’t play along. Then in a café after all? Thanks to the cool weather, everyone is crowded into the warm, mostly there is no more space, especially not at all.

But even without ambitious dating plans, the end of the day is no longer associated with the same appeal when it starts to get dark at 5 p.m. And suddenly you find yourself alone on the sofa for the fourth time within a week, sometimes just in bed. Eating out seems so difficult and unrealistic, why not try a frozen pizza lying down again – and the boom of Netflix evenings sets in.

For a long time, the open-air Christmas markets were a glimmer of hope – but most of them are also being canceled.

3. The dull pressure of the Corona measures

The pressure rises: can you get the flu vaccinated? Do you go to the doctor for this – just to take a seat in the waiting room between colds and suspected corona cases and wait for the vaccination?

At the same time, the trams and buses fill up again in rush hour traffic. Minimum distance is hardly possible, but cycling in the bad weather is not an option either. In a good mood in public transport – thanks to the many cases of improper wearing of mouth and nose protection, this is unthinkable.

4. The clammy clothes horse

Said mouth and nose protection should ideally be cleaned after each use, otherwise there is a higher risk of infection. In addition to the impending corona infection, there is often an unsightly rash, colloquially maskne – made up of “mask” and “acne”. Dirt and sweat settle in the fabric, which is why the range of reusable masks is growing ever larger.

But after washing, the laundry doesn’t dry that easily anymore, that was much more entertaining in summer. And so the masks continue to hang next to the socks that are dripping from the rain on the clothes horse and wait for the heater.

Patio heater could be the salvation of the gastronomy.

Patio heater could save the catering industry.

Photo: Finn Winkler

5. The gloomy prospect of environmental protection

Actually, of course, we all want to do our part to save the world, but at some point there is no other way – and the heating has to be turned on. Up to this point you sit freezing in your own four walls and get annoyed about your noble claims.

This works relatively well at home, but definitely not at work – the aerosols require extensive ventilation (or the air conditioning is switched on). Sure, it has to be. Only: the heating also has to be on, because it is not easy to type with ice-cold hands. So we blow cold air in and shoot warm air out again at the same time – saving energy looks different.

It is similar outside with the patio heaters, which consume quite a lot of carbon dioxide, but are supposed to save the catering trade. The same applies here: what must be, must be. Still, it hurts a little.

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