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Tuesday, December 1

” Very nice ! “: Kazakhstan ends up adopting Borat

Kazakhstan, which had banned the first film “Borat” by American comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, ended up borrowing the main slogan of the comedian in an advertising campaign for tourism in Kazakhstan: “Very nice!” ” (” Very nice!).

Borat, the fictitious racist and rude Kazakh journalist played by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in his first film in 2006, has been back on the screens since October 23.

The caricature he made of Kazakhstan and its inhabitants had provoked the ire of the authorities, who had banned the first film.

This time, Kazakhstan has decided to take advantage of the “buzz” generated by the film and this week launched a campaign for tourism in Kazakhstan which includes the “Very nice! »Launched all the time by Borat, incorporating it in clips showing the country at its best.

“We had to find a way to take advantage of all this publicity,” Dennis Keen, an American who has lived in Kazakhstan for years and who had the idea for the campaign, told AFP.

In these very polished short clips, we see tourists discovering the beauty of nature, a modern city, delicious food and welcoming people, then exclaim “Very nice!” “.

“Borat’s slogan is so adaptable, we went to see Kazakh Tourism (the authorities in charge of tourism, editor’s note) with a friend, they were enthusiastic and everything went very quickly”, explained Mr. Keen, who organizes tours tours of the country’s largest city, Almaty, and participated in this project on a voluntary basis.

“The Kazakhs are kind of traumatized” by Borat, whose humor caricatures their country to the extreme, says Keen. “It’s hard, wherever they go in the world, for people to always respond to them with Borat jokes. I said to myself: let’s turn it around! ”

While many Kazakh internet users hailed this initiative, the second film also aroused the anger of some.

In a video titled “Mothers want to punish Borat for insulting the Kazakh nation” posted on YouTube on Saturday and reposted by Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, a group of women wearing masks are seen burning a cardboard effigy of the comedian. .


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