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Thursday, November 26

The PLQ of the “new” Dominique Anglade

Something is happening in the Liberal Party of Quebec.

Having become chef on May 11, Dominique Anglade is increasingly putting his training in his hands. It dares certain turns by which it hopes to stand out from previous “administrations”.

The word in “n”

We saw it last week, by the clear and limpid position it took in the controversy surrounding the “N word” at the University of Ottawa. “It is fundamental to be able to name things in an academic context for […] understand them and discuss them, ”she wrote on the sidelines of a petition launched on the PLQ site entitled“ let’s put an end to the drift of political correctness ”.

On this subject, what position would Philippe Couillard have favored?

We bet it would have been very different. Some liberal voices also support the hypothesis confidentially. The neurosurgeon was extremely sensitive to the dictates of political correctness. We can imagine supporting the demand for the “annulment” of the hated word in any situation, in any context, even educational, where, for example, one would quote the title of a book by Dany Laferrière. Mr. Couillard would no doubt have seen in the ban a way of avoiding “blowing on the embers of intolerance”, a famous phrase which had earned him the epithet of “giver of lessons”. Some reject the hypothesis. Monday in Qub, Christine St-Pierre, former Minister of Couillard, maintained that the former Liberal leader, son of academics, would certainly have opted for complete freedom of educational expression.


Besides, would Chief Couillard have accepted that one of his elected representatives explicitly denounces, in the Blue Room, “Islamist terrorism”?

Difficult to imagine. Yet these are the words used by liberal Marwah Rizqy last week, when she passed a motion to condemn the appalling murder by beheading in France of teacher Samuel Paty. “I am a teacher”, declared Rizqy gravely, maintaining that with this event, his profession was assailed: “The Islamist terrorists, after having attacked the newspapers, the freedom of expression”, are now attacking ” to knowledge, ”which is“ freedom, ”she said indignantly.

A “new” Anglade

When she joined the PLQ in 2015, Dominique Anglade had nevertheless fully adhered to the “couillardien” discourse. Former president of the CAQ, she explained that she left it because of the “positions taken […] more radical ”of François Legault’s party on immigration and identity.

But since the defeat of 2018 and the departure of Mr. Couillard, she has instead declared herself in favor of a more assertive nationalism in the PLQ. Even on the prohibition of religious symbols, before becoming leader, she tried to have a resolution adopted by the General Council of the PLQ supporting the Bouchard-Taylor compromise. In vain. Since she declared herself a candidate, she has done everything possible to get the PLQ out of speeches that only please the west of the island of Montreal.

To the point of neglecting, it seems, this natural clientele. At least that’s what the chronicler of The Gazette Don Macpherson remarked on Twitter Monday, pointing out that the English version of the petition against “the drift of political correctness” is nowhere to be found. “Is this only for readers of the JdeM ? The chronicler quipped.

If so, something is really happening at the PLQ then!

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