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Monday, November 30

Merkel for Lockdown light: That’s what our users say

Schools, daycare centers and most shops are to remain open, but restaurants and bars are to be closed and events are prohibited. These comments from FOCUS online users came in:

Userin Jutta Thinker supports the Chancellor’s proposal:

Now is not the time to hesitate. If there is a lockdown, then it should be sustainable. I understand that schools and daycare centers should remain open (except in circles with a dark red warning level), but I would only keep primary schools open. Because they are really indispensable and are considered a relatively low source of infection. Shops should be closed as much as possible, restaurants and bars even more, and events should generally be banned until the infection situation has improved. Airports should be included in the lockdown and border traffic should be minimized to the bare minimum. There is no point in hesitating and hesitating; the virus takes every chance we give it and the pandemic needs to be brought under control. “

The user’s comment deals with the economic damage for those affected and human behavior Claus Randel:

“With another lockdown, we will not bring the virus under control. Gastronomy in particular is fighting for survival in many places. A second lockdown would mean the end for many. What you can still control to some extent in the catering industry would then move outside and into the private sector. Control is then hardly possible there. Disproportionate and nonsensical prohibitions mean that more and more people refuse to observe the prohibitions. We finally need a matter-of-fact approach to the topic and not constantly new horror scenarios and number games. “

User Ralf Rumpf has less understanding and raises legal concerns:

“Ms. Merkel cannot plan anything. Neither does Mr. Spahn. A lockdown, light or not, is a curfew. No more and no less. On what legal basis should this happen? There is no pandemic law. There are only regulations. And these are not even covered by the law, the government bypasses parliament. You can tell by the fact that many courts collect these regulations. Even the epidemic protection law is not sufficient for this. Our government would do well to adhere to the laws in force and include parliament in your decisions. “

User replied to the critics of the likely new measures Michael Kieslich:

“Only then celebrate complaining – Many of those who are now screaming loudly again how damaging a new lockdown would be have in the past weeks and months defied the mask requirement, minimum distance and contact restrictions. There are still many fellow citizens who don’t care if their neighbor dies of Corona, the main thing is that they can continue celebrating and enjoy their lives. If the citizen is too selfish to adhere to the relatively easy restrictions, then it has to be the hard way. “

User Thomas Fischer surprises the speed of escalation and he looks for reasons:

“That a new lockdown is becoming more and more likely, that was already indicated. Even me surprised that the lockdown could happen now. My prognosis was actually that the new lockdown would occur in mid-November. Well, now it’s coming faster than we’d like. For the gastronomy, this should be the absolute worst case scenario. However, like Merkel, I see the blame for foreign tourism (travel). Foreign tourism should have been frozen until a vaccine was available. Releasing foreign tourism so quickly was hard to beat when it came to overconfidence. “

User Joerg Malowicz appeals to reason given the situation:

“A week of hard lockdown – that sounds like part of a solution at first and could certainly delay the infection process a little. Unfortunately, that won’t be the solution. We have to accept that the virus exists and will continue to exist in the future. Living a responsible life with the virus is what we have to learn. Or do we want to have a hard lockdown several times a year in the future? “

Userin Andrea Wetzler questions the treatment of school teaching:

“What’s that all about? Restaurants close but schools close. Corona starts from the 5th grade, because before that nobody needs a mask, or what? My daughter is in high school and sometimes wears a mask all day until 3:45 p.m. in classes … Then the children are coughing (from exertion) and sweating together. Please explain to me what this is about. You can’t skip sport now. Why wear a mask all day when it is not necessary in the gym? (…) Why can’t a combination of face-to-face teaching and distance teaching take place? “

Also user Inge Schröder argues from a parenting position

“Difference between spring and autumn – in spring politics showed determination and rare unity. Just like parents who have recognized that you can’t discuss everything with your children on an equal footing, politics has made clear statements. Now you are trying a way that reminds me of the parents who, even when their child beats others up, still say: … would you like to think about the fact that it … You can’t argue with stubborn, stubborn children, you need friendly but clear messages. And all parents know how deadly it is when the parents disagree. “

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