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Monday, November 23

Gummy legs maid appears sexy but pays dearly

  • Gomita, surprised with a sexy outfit by showing her legs, but they tell her she looks like a maid
  • Araceli Ordaz, the famous clown from Mexico receives all kinds of criticism when appearing on Instagram
  • Her clothes were not well regarded by a sector of the public who are not happy with the way she is

Araceli Ordaz, the famous Mexican clown, better known as Gomita, surprised with a sexy outfit by showing her legs, but they tell her that she looks like a servant.

It all happened through a publication that the comedian made through her account Instagram official and immediately sparked controversy among his followers.

And it is that since she became famous after her appearance on the Sabadazo program, she has been widely criticized because her physique changed radically, as a result of her surgeries.

Image taken from Instagram @ gomitaoficial123

This time, Gomita made an extensive publication: “Take off your gummy, the horse, the bitch, the diva, the filly, singer, dancer, star, graduated from Niurka’s school, ‘i’m sorry for you’ to ‘DANCES?’ Miss who does the lipo batches and gives the last number to her worst enemy ”.

And he continued: “The one who carries omeprazole, ranitidine, ibuprofen and paracetamol in her bag, your comadre the one you entrust to the blessings and instead of taking care of them ends up leaving them with her mother to go out with you, the one who never leaves you alone What does he know that if he lets you, you will dial the ex and he will take your cell phone away ”.

“With the one you sing the best of Jenni Rivera, she knows who is who. It will be that with his children he has the crown. You are going to slip, but to another corner, because this is my man and I his great lady … (an apology I let me go) “

Then he pointed out: “The young lady who lives in love with the boy in apartment 512, the woman who like you and like you all takes 500 photos, deletes 450, and edits 50, complains about 47, sets aside 3 and uploads 1 on Instagram, and you know That goes with a hint for the dude who just left her, and if the instragram is very nice, what you post so I can see how you’re doing ”.

Gomita that now showed her legs in a very sexy way, but they ended up calling her maid, she does not lose heart despite the criticism.

On the next page we will leave you the continuation of the message and some of the most controversial comments it received from the public.

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