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Tuesday, December 1

Former Belgian King Albert II met his hidden daughter Delphine

Delphine Boël and her father, the ex-King of the Belgians, Albert II. – ERIC LALMAND / BELGA / AFP

After having opposed each other for years in court, the former King of the Belgians Albert II and his hidden daughter Princess Delphine met, the royal palace announced on Tuesday. They both say today that they want “reconciliation”.

“After the turmoil, wounds and suffering, comes the time for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation,” said a statement released by the royal palace to announce this meeting. It was held Sunday in the private residence of the former king in Laeken, in the Brussels region, in the presence of his wife Paola. The palace posted a photo of this moment.

Officially a member of the family since October 1

“This Sunday, October 25, a new chapter opened, imbued with emotions, appeasement, understanding and, also, hope”, indicates this text co-signed by Albert II, Paola and Delphine (ex-Boël) , recognized on October 1 by justice as a member of the royal family. During the meeting, “each of us was able to express, calmly and with empathy, his feelings and his experience,” added the press release.

This path of “forgiveness” and “reconciliation”, the former royal couple and Delphine, born of an out-of-wedlock affair with Albert II, “decided to take (it) resolutely together”, and “these first not open the way that it is now up to us to pursue peacefully ”, the text continues.

A bond brutally severed in 2001

Delphine was born in February 1968 from the long affair (1966-84) that her mother, Baroness Sybille de Sélys Longchamps, had with Albert. The latter (who reigned from 1993 to 2013) was then crown prince, married since 1959 with the future queen Paola, with whom he then had three children, the eldest of whom is Philippe, King of the Belgians since 2013.

While Albert was in regular contact with Delphine until his teenage years, he abruptly severed the link in 2001, soon after his hitherto hidden existence was revealed. In 2013, after an unsuccessful attempt at conciliation, Delphine Boël turned to the courts to have her parentage recognized.

The battle ended on October 1, 2020 when the Brussels Court of Appeal recognized the right to be called “de Saxe-Cobourg”, the surname of the royal family, and to benefit from the title of princess. Meanwhile Albert II had been forced by justice, under penalty of penalties, to a DNA test to establish that he is indeed the biological father of Delphine.

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