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Friday, November 27

“As long as my legs carry me”: mother is desperately looking for the body of her daughter (17)

On November 14, 2019, 17-year-old Wilma Andersson disappeared from the Swedish city of Uddevalla without a trace. The city and the whole country started a major search. 5000 police officers and volunteers looked for Wilma – without success. After a few days, suspicions were raised against Wilma’s ex-boyfriend Tishko Ahmed (23).

In its flat the police found traces of blood from Wilma Andersson. In addition, the officers discovered the severed head of the 17-year-old in a suitcase that was hidden in a closet, as the Swedish news portal Expressen reported.

In late July, Tishko Ahmed was sentenced to life imprisonment in the district court for murder and disturbing the peace of the dead. Last Friday (October 23), the appeals court changed the judgment to an 18-year prison sentence. The reason for this is unclear how exactly Wilma was killed.
Despite the overwhelming burden of proof, Ahmed continues to claim to have nothing to do with the crime. That’s why he couldn’t say where the other remains of Wilma were, he said Expressen.

Linda Andersson: “Terribly difficult to have to look at”

Wilma’s mother, Linda Andersson, was also present in the courtroom during the appeal court hearing.

“After it came out how he did it, it was awfully hard to look at. That he lived with our daughter and sister and that he was so freezing cold (…) I don’t understand, “says Linda Andersson on the TV show Wanted“, The Swedish counterpart to the German program” Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst “.

With her appearance on “Efterlyst” the mother hopes for new clues. She is looking for witnesses who have seen Tishko Ahmed walking with suitcases or sacks outside of Uddevalla.

Search for Wilma continues: “Will never give up”

It’s been almost a year since Wilma Andersson disappeared and was murdered. But the family is still looking for their daughter and sister. NGOs also help the family with this. “The heart starts beating and it just trembles,” says Linda Andersson, describing her emotions when she discovers something that is not common in nature. Her endeavor is to be able to bury Wilma completely, as a close relative reports.

Despite the unsuccessful search and the overwhelming situation, the mother does not let go and keeps the hope of finding the remains of her daughter, just like hers TV appearance says: “I will never give up hope that I will find Wilma. As long as my legs carry me, I’ll look for her. “


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