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Thursday, November 26

Trump close to another Supreme Court victory

(Washington) Eight days before the election, Donald Trump, engaged with all his might in the battle, is preparing to record a huge victory with the confirmation expected Monday from a conservative magistrate of his choice at the Supreme Court.

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Unless surprised, the Senate must give the green light in the evening to the entry of Amy Coney Barrett, a fervent Catholic opposed to abortion, into the temple of American law, which will thus have six conservative judges out of nine, including three named by the New York billionaire.

This undeniable success of the Republican president, suitable to galvanize voters of the religious right, is however tarnished by a further deterioration of the health situation, which continues to plague his re-election campaign.

“The phony media will only talk about COVID, COVID, COVID until the election. Lousy! He wrote in a tweet Monday morning reflecting his frustration.

The country has beaten, two days in a row, its record for daily COVID-19 infections (nearly 90,000 new cases detected on Saturday) and more than 225,000 Americans have died from the virus. And the ambiguous words of one of his relatives reinforced the feeling of an administration powerless, even overwhelmed by the situation.

“We are not going to control the pandemic, we are going to control the fact that we can have vaccines,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Sunday morning on CNN.

This is “an honest observation of President Trump’s strategy since the beginning of the crisis: to wave the white flag of defeat and hope that if we ignore it, the virus will go away,” reacted the Democrat Joe Biden who so far leads the president in the polls.

” To do ”

To catch up, Donald Trump is stepping up. After a marathon weekend, he crisscrossed the key state of Pennsylvania on Monday, where he was to participate in two rallies and speak to workers.

As in 2016, he hopes to lie the polls but confidence seems to be eroding in his camp. One of his strongest allies, the leader of the Republican senators Mitch McConnell, in turn, spoke on Sunday of the risk of a defeat not only of the president, but also in Congress.

“Much of what we have done over the past four years will be undone, more or less quickly after the next election,” he told his troops, after they voted to end the debates on the candidacy of Judge Barrett.

“But on this point, they will not be able to do anything for a very long time,” he added. The wise men of the Supreme Court are indeed appointed for life and the magistrate, who is only 48 years old, can hope to sit for many years.

It must first obtain the approval of the Senate in a solemn vote scheduled for Monday after 7 p.m.

Given the Republican majority in this chamber (53 votes out of 100), the Democrats who denounce an “illegitimate” procedure so close to the November 3 ballot, have almost no chance of preventing it.

If two Republican senators had expressed their opposition to this hasty process, one of them, Lisa Murkowski, warned this weekend that it would not prevent her from voting in favor of the judge.

“I lost the procedural battle,” but “I have nothing against her as a person,” she said.

The magistrate could therefore take the oath on Tuesday and participate in her first hearing on November 2, the day before the presidential election.

It will therefore theoretically sit in the event of an examination of possible appeals against the results of the ballot.

Above all, the Supreme Court decides in the United States the thorniest social debates, from abortion to carrying weapons through the rights of sexual minorities.

A mother of seven, known for conservative legal scholarly articles and her support for petitions against abortion, Judge Barrett assured during her hearing that she distinguished her faith from her work as a judge, but was careful not to reveal her views on the hottest topics.

Democrats, short of options to block this appointment, tried to turn the debates, broadcast in part on television channels, into a forum on the future of Obamacare health insurance, which Donald Trump wants to repeal .

The high court must indeed examine on November 10 an appeal against this emblematic law of the former Democratic president, on which the judge has expressed reservations in the past.

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