Wednesday, January 20

Toni Costa confesses how he met Adamari López

  • Video leaks where Toni Costa confesses the unexpected
  • The Spanish choreographer remembers how he met Adamari López
  • “I would have liked you to go before the unfortunate Fonsi”, expressed users

You won’t believe it! Video is leaked where Toni Costa confesses how he met Adamari López, with whom he recently celebrated his ninth anniversary of relationship, and users tell him that they would have liked him to go before “the unfortunate Fonsi.”

It was on his channel YouTube, where it has almost 240 thousand subscribers, that the Spanish choreographer opened his heart and told the unexpected.

PHOTO YouTube Toni Costa

Excited, Toni Costa shared that his first kiss was given to him 9 years ago in the program Mira que baila, where Adamari López was a participant and he was a member of the dance group.

“I remember that it was for Christmas that we were at Aday and Nelson’s house, may he rest in peace, and that it was because of him that he ordered us to kiss that Adamari and I in that tango.”

The Spanish choreographer assured that they have never hidden anything from their followers regarding their relationship and that they have always told everything as it was.

“And well there was a kiss in tango, yes, Adamari was the first to kiss me, she to me, I did not go to her, so that will remain for the rest and there is a video that has the moment of our first kiss, “said Toni Costa.

From there, “a little spark” was lit in the couple and Toni says that he begins to be more interested in the Puerto Rican actress and host and goes after her.

“I remember that we wrote to each other on Facebook and I said: ‘How am I going to be writing to her on Facebook? Not that we were 15 years old, my God, I want your phone number. “

Her response was not what Toni Costa would have expected, but we will tell you about that on the next page …

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