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Monday, November 30

Sentenced to 17 years for the murders of two Rock Machine

A 32-year-old woman, Mélanie Binette, was sentenced to 17 years in penitentiary by a Superior Court judge on Monday, in relation to the murders of two Rock Machines committed in December 2016, in Vaudreuil-Dorion, southwest of Montreal.

Daniel Renaud
Daniel Renaud

On the first day of jury selection for his trial, Oct. 13, Binette pleaded guilty to two reduced counts of manslaughter and one count of discharging a firearm, after an agreement was reached. between the lawyers for the prosecution and the defense.

Initially, the woman was facing murder and attempted murder charges.

His co-accused in this case, Richard Hunt, has previously been sentenced to life in prison, without eligibility for parole for 25 years, after being convicted of murders and attempted murder, by a jury.

The two victims in this case are two members of the Rock Machine biker club, Joseph Fluet – also known as Éric Lefebvre -, and Steven Lamarsh.

Hunt, who had been dating Mélanie Binette for ten years, had a drug debt to Fluet and felt more and more pressure from the latter who was seeking reimbursement.

Deadly trap

In order to reimburse Fluet, Hunt invited him and Lamarsh to go to a wooded area near Montée Alstonvale, on the border between Vaudreuil-Dorion and Hudson, to unearth a sum of money he supposedly had. previously stolen. A woman, Rachel Wickenheiser, accompanied the two Rock Machines.

It was Mélanie Binette who guided the trio to the place but when the two bikers and the woman arrived on the scene and started to dig, Hunt, lurking nearby, opened fire on them, killing them. two men and wounding the woman in one leg. A total of 11 projectiles were fired. One of the two men died in the arms of Rachel Wickenheiser.

“The participation of the accused in the crimes committed by Richard Hunt is important. The accused, when she led Joseph Fluet, Steven Lamarsh and Rachel Wickenheiser into the woods, led them into the hands of Richard Hunt when she knew he was armed. In this case, two people tragically lost their lives and another person suffered physical injuries and a very significant psychological trauma, ”wrote in particular Justice Éric Downs of the Superior Court in his judgment.

Triumph of truth

Note that during Hunt’s trial, Binette testified for the Defense and claimed that the couple were forced to go there under duress from Lamarsh and Wickenheiser, whom she said were armed, which was false.

“So the adage that truth always triumphs has come to prevail. The accused, by pleading guilty and admitting the facts set out in the joint statement as being the truth, finally allowed the gray area artificially created by her previous testimony to be dispelled ”.

“The plea of ​​guilty and the acknowledgment of the facts by the accused, even if they occur very late, are nevertheless factors that the Tribunal must take into account in mitigating the accused’s sentence, in light of the all of the circumstances, ”Judge Downs wrote.

By subtracting the period spent in preventive detention, Mélanie Binette has 11 years of penitentiary to serve.

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