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Monday, November 30

José Alfredo Castro Gutiérrez was shot dead by the police

  • An officer from the San Diego Police Department shot and killed Mexican José Alfredo Castro-Gutiérrez
  • The Consulate of Mexico in San Diego issued a statement requesting that the police inform them of details
  • Isai Castillo was identified as the agent who unloaded his weapon against Castro-Gutiérrez

José Alfredo Castro-Gutiérrez was shot dead by a police officer in California and now the Government of Mexico is demanding answers to the incident.

José Alfredo Castro-Gutiérrez, 39, was a citizen of Mexico who was shot dead by an officer of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD, for its acronym in English), California, when they tried to stop him.

According to information from the SAPD, sent by mail to MundoHispánicoOn Monday, October 19, 2020, the SAPD emergency number received a call for help that reported “a man who acted strange.”

The incident was classified at 4:30 in the morning as an act of vandalism in some houses located near the intersection of I-15 and Ocean View Boulevard, in the east of the metropolitan area of San Diego.

Some of the people who called the authorities reported that the man was carrying some type of weapon with which the glass of several houses had already been broken, in that neighborhood known as Mountain View.

Several agents were sent to the area and began to walk the streets looking for the person who caused the damage.

As the officers toured the neighborhood, another neighbor in the area called the emergency number to detail that it appeared that someone had entered the neighboring house after breaking the glass in a window.

The person who called the authorities said he even heard desperate screams, as if someone was being hurt.

In order not to alert the alleged intruder, the SAPD patrols parked at a certain distance from the house and approached in a group, walking, to surround the home.

The Mexican’s death is being investigated by the Homicide Division and the Internal Affairs Division. (PHOTO: San Diego Police Department)

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